April 2, 2018


Alexander City


Gemma Dimon

Solid Week!

Helloooo! Sister Dimon and I had a solid week! 

The Branch is mi familiaaaaa (coco haha): We had a break through with our cute little branch. We have finally earned their love. We went from being fed every other week, to 5 times this week! Bless up! Sister Dimon says I’ll be here until July. We really love these people so I’m happy I get to be here until then :) 

Peaches and D'angelo (featuring D'angelo's crew) : We had a district meeting and then went to this cool place called "Peach Park." Oh my goodness. The best peach icecream ever! We went over to teach D'angelo, and he had SO many people at his trailer. They were all his friends/cousins. We taught and read from the BOM. We aren’t sure what they all thought about it, but later that night D'angelo texted us how one of his friends is  having a really hard time. D'angelo told us that he taught him the Plan of Salvation and gave him a pamphlet. D'angelo is being a missionary. We love that guy. 

Southern Boy Heath: We met a man named Heath. He is around Blake's age. He was SO kind. I love how in the South the boys are so respectful. He is just looking for stability in his life. We were thinking, Heath we can definitely help you with that. Have you heard of the BOM? 

Sara: We taught Sara the Restoration. She informed us how she is a prophet and how she can speak in tongues. Oh no. This is going to be interesting. 

Monica: We drove past Monica's house and she yelled, “NOT TODAY!" Monica whyyyyy?

Still not sure how I feel about having a FB: It's so strange having a Facebook. I still don’t know how I feel about it. We can see the outside world but we have been able to chat with investigators on video chat which is awesome! 

Jesus Take the Wheel: We were on the way to a member’s house. In Alabama, when it rains it POURS and it will come out of no where. It will be a clear day and then BOOM! A member was driving us and then it started pouring. We couldn't see anything because the rain was so bad. She tried to pull over in a graveyard, but we drove straight into a ditch. The car made a loud THUD noise. We were able to drive out and the car wasn't too messed up. It was a total ‪Carrie Underwood‬ Jesus Take the Wheel moment.

I loved listening to General Conference this past weekend! As I listened the theme of Love and Unity came to my mind! It made me think of the scripture, Mosiah ‪4: 15‬ 

15 But ye will teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness; ye will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another.

It’s all about loving and serving one another! 

Love yall! 

Sister Packard 

PS: Sorry I say hahaha a lot in my emails. I just realized I do that alot. It just makes me laugh a lot. These experiences just make me laugh and some of the people we come in contact with crack me up! They are so funny. 

PPS: There was a man who spoke in Conference who sounded JUST like Ernesto Dela Cruz! He was straight up from Coco! He was one of my favorite speakers. I want him to sing for us. Also, every time we knock on a house and they only speak Spanish they will always start speaking to me in Spanish. I will tell them how I am Filipino. Talking about Coco is my go to because that is the closest thing I know to Spanish.


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