March 26, 2018


Alexander City


Gemma Dimon

Sweet Home Alabama

Hey hey hey! Fam fam how is it going?! 

Sister Packard here :) 

It's almost Easter and General Conference! 

We. are. pumped. 


Party up in Millbrook: Sister Dimon and I went on exchanges. I was paired up with Sister Kennedy. She taught me the ways of the missionary and I learned a lot from her! We did a lot of tracting! She's so cool. I'm so excited for her because she leaves for home ‪in 3 weeks‬ and is living in Liberty Square. I told her all about Provo and she gave me some advice about the mission. We were able to go to Montgomery to visit with people in the Stake about doing some digitization for some old records. Montgomery is full of historical sites. The whole time I was thinking, I NEED TO BRING KARA HERE. Kara would love it. 

Monumental Monica moment: Okay this does not sound like a big deal, but it was a big deal to Sister Dimon and I. Monica is a woman that never invites us in her home. She never sets up appointments with us. We just have to show up and hope she’s outside. Well this particular time we went over and drove past her house. She said, "Hey! I made some apple pie and meatloaf. Y’all wanna come in and try some?" We said, “YES!!!!" Jk we kept our cool. hahaha So Monica finally trusts us enough to let us in her house. We hope to connect with her more.

Jeane: She's one unique elderly woman. We found her in the area book. We showed up to her house and she told us her life story. Southern people LOVE to talk. hahaha It’s difficult to get them to stop sometimes. She invited us over to help in her garden. Thanks Jeane :) I felt like I was home working outside with my family!

D'angelo the man: Wow! D'angelo texted us this week and asked when we were coming over. This made Sister Dimon and I very happy. We taught him the Word of Wisdom. He said after he found Jesus, he left all of his old bad habits behind. We are definitely making progress with him!

3 Nephi ‪12: 48‬

48 Therefore I would that ye should be perfect even as I, or your Father who is in heaven is perfect.

Jesus Christ is inviting us to become perfected in Him! Instead of feeling overwhelmed I am full of hope!He is inviting us all. He wouldn't do that if it were impossible. Therefore, it is possible! He gives us many tools to accomplish this. The scriptures, prayer, apostles and prophets, our friends and family. We just need the faith that it is possible. He will lead us, He will catch us when we fall, He will make our weaknesses become our strengths.


PS: In a graveyard someone put "Roll ride forever" on it. People here really do eat, sleep, breathe, and die for Alabama. HA! So funny. 


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