March 19, 2018


Alexander City


Gemma Dimon

I Loooooove Technology!( What movie is that from?);)

HELLO! Sister Packard here :) I love you so much!!! Ya'll are my friends.

This week has been interesting and I have been doing a lot of adjusting!

Highlights of the week:

Singing Sister: Everywhere we go, Sister Dimon and I are singing. Sing to convert!

Zone Conference: We have received smart phones in our mission. It also felt a little awkward logging on to Facebook. It made me feel a little guilty. Our mission President has counseled us that if we remember to use Facebook for missionary purposes, we are good. The missionaries had to clean up our timelines and make them missionary appropriate. The major pro to having a Facebook is that we are able to reach so many of our investigators through messenger. It's a better way to stay in daily contact with them!

Monica: We sat with her outside and she told us how she didn't read from the BOM like we asked her to. Come on Monica. Jk we still love her. We taught her the Restoration and she was sooo engaged during the lesson. She asked us how you really can know Christ when you can't see him. We told her you have to have faith. She goes to a different church every week. When we taught her about the Apostasy, she really liked learning about why there were so many different churches. At the end of the lesson she told us how she was so grateful for us being so persistent. ( I like how she said that, because we do come by a lot and try to talk to her, but it is only until recently has she let us talk to her for longer than 10 minutes) She said so many Elders have come and tried to talk to her. She knows that Heavenly Father sent her the perfect pair of sisters. Warmed my heart.

Attack of the Jehovah Witness: We met an elderly woman named Jeane while tracting. She is a Jehovah Witness. I don't have any knowledge of the Jehovah Witnesses. But every time we run into one of that faith, they are always soooo nice. We went into her house and she immediately was asking questions about who we were, what we believed in and why we believe in modern day prophets. It didn't take long to realize that she only invited us over again to bible bash and she tried to get us to go to her Church. hahahha. As a new missionary I still am not very familiar with the bible. I didn't really know how to respond to all of her questions. We testified that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that He loves us. (I mean who can argue with that right?) He wants to give all of us an equal opportunity to become like Him. By the end of our discussion, Sister Dimon was heated and Jean tried to give us pamphlets. Onward and Upward.

D'angelo: This guy is just so awesome! We went over to his house and he made us cookies. We read the BOM with him. He is so solid and so nice. AND he came to church with his girl friend (Micah) on Sunday. You go D'angelo and Micah!

Mcdonalds. 7:30. Be there. : We have a goal to call every single number in our big area book. We are making some head way. But this one man answered and said "How did you get my number? How do I know you? NOT INTERESTED" Then 10 minutes later he called back and apologized and said he can meet us at McDonalds and we can discuss what we believe in. Hahaha We laughed so hard when we hung up. Complete change of heart.

This poem is really long but Sister Dimon and I love it. I know that Jesus is the Living Christ. That he loves us and that we can turn to him and be perfected in him :)

I had heard about the Savior
While at church and in my home
“He's the one who conquered death” they said
“The King of Heaven’s throne.”
They told me that he cured the deaf
The dead, through Him, were raised
“He's the Lord we worship,” they went on
“The Lord we love and praise.”

They told me that He taught the truth
He loved and healed the sick
But helpful as those facts may be
They didn't do the trick
For this Savior that I'd heard about
Whose words I thought were true
Was just someone I knew about
But not someone I knew

So I began my journey
Out to know the King of Men
He who lived for me, apparently,
then died and lived again
I prayed for signs and visions
I sought to see His face
I regret to say I doubted Him
And almost stopped my chase

Then I stumbled upon Him
I found the Son of Man
Though I fear I must warn you
It wasn't how I planned
But as my faith was tried
As I sought to see His face
I found it in what has to be
the most unexpected place

See as I kept His commandments
As I followed in His ways
As time went on, I noticed something
Different in my face
He changed me step by step
And at long last I came to see
He was helping me know Him
By putting more of Him in me

See as you use His power
To make a change within
You will come to know the Savior
By becoming more like Him
Then when you look in the mirror
You'll see what His pow’r can do
And you'll come to know the Savior
Since His traits will be in you

This is the gospel message
Through Christ we can become
He knows the path to Him will change us
When He tells us “Come.”
And if we're spiritually begotten
By the Lord in whom we trust
If we're born again in Him
And take His Holy name on us

If we become children of Christ
The very King who conquered hell
Then we can come to know our Father
As we see Him in ourselves
He is the Living Christ
In part since He rose from the dust
But He's also “living” partially
Since He lives on in us

For as we take the sacrament
Hoping to remember Him
Notice - as we swallow
We take those emblems in
Our stomachs break them down
And before they get too far
The bread and water we consumed
Becomes a part of who we are

So - with the atonement
As we take His power in
He becomes a greater part of us
To make us more like Him
Now I don't perfectly know Him
I'm still overcome with flaws
My fallen nature’s on display
I often break His laws

And sometimes He just hugs me
No matter what I do
And feeling love when I'm not like Him
Helps me know Him too
He sees and loves me as I am
No judgment for my state
But no one can feel of that love
And then not want to change

Cause while we can know about Him
Through the scriptures - new and old
While it's helpful to read books of Him
And hear the stories told
You only really come to know Him
As He lives in you a while
As you see a mirror, and see Him
Look back at you and smile

Have a wonderful week! Until next time!
Sister Packard


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