March 12, 2018


Alexander City


Gemma Dimon

Another Awesome Week

Hey hey hey!!!!!

Fam Fam!!!!

Alex City, Alabama updates:
Golden Trailer Park Land: We discovered a trailer park. It's funny how excited we got. I looked at Sister Dimon...Let's do this! We walked up to one trailer home and the door was bolted. So we started to walk away. There was a truck parked right by this trailer home. A Hispanic man came out of the car sobbing. He was reading his Bible. He only spoke a little bit of English. We told him who we were ,and he told us his name is Jose. We said "One sec! Don't move we will be right back!" We went to the car and thankfully we had one BOM in Spanish. So we ran back to Jose and asked him to read Mosiah 24: 13-14. We gave Jose our card and he said that he would love to read the BOM and thank you so much. We called the Spanish Elders and told them Jose needs them.

Later we taught a sweet elderly African American lady named Sara. She had a cross engraved on her golden tooth. Hard core!
I love it.


Monica: We straight up asked her if she even wanted us to come over anymore. She said "Honey if I didn't want you over I would have let you know a longgg time ago!" She still wants to know what her next step is. So we said to her, Monica read the BOM.
Prayer is the way! We love Monica because she doesn't beat around the bush and will tell you like it is.

Mike: We watched the Restoration movie with Mike and Kim. Afterwards Sister Dimon gave me "the look" and I thought, oh no ahhhh. Hahaha I was nervous to ask Kim to be baptized. There was an awkward pause. Sister Dimon gave me the "it's all you greenie" look again. I looked at Kim and asked her to be baptized. She said yes! We sang A Child's Prayer to them and Mike started crying. Lots of emotions during that lesson! IT WAS AWESOME!

D'angelo and his girl Micah: D'angelo has a girlfriend Micah. When we first met them, Micah walked out and said that she was not comfortable with us because she's a Baptist. But the next time we went over Micah was there and she was interested in what we were teaching. She LOVED learning about how there is more after we die then just Heaven and Hell. We asked them to pray if what we taught was true. We got a text saying, "We prayed and we believe it. I think we are getting blessed for what we are doing because Micah received a job interview at Subway!" I love it. We asked Micah to be baptized and surprisingly she said yes! She made a complete 360 since the first time we met.

One of my favorite songs is A Child's Prayer. I know that Heavenly Father is so aware of each of us. He loves us SO much and we can feel that love as we pray to him.

Heavenly Father, are you really there?
And do you hear and answer ev’ry child’s prayer?
Some say that heaven is far away,
But I feel it close around me as I pray.
Heavenly Father, I remember now
Something that Jesus told disciples long ago:
“Suffer the children to come to me.”
Father, in prayer I’m coming now to thee.
Pray, he is there;
Speak, he is list’ning.
You are his child;
His love now surrounds you.
He hears your prayer;
He loves the children.
Of such is the kingdom, the kingdom of heav’n.


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