February 12, 2018


Alexander City


Gemma Dimon

Alex City Awesomeness

Death by Dental: I never ever will make fun of people who say they have toothaches. That pain is REAL. Let me tell you! hahaha. I just had to endure until I was able to see Doctor Gonzales, a dentist in Birmingham. Gratefully he was able to relieve my pain. I had to have a root canal. Long story about my teeth issues, but let's just say it was not taken cared of in Provo when I thought it was supposed to be taken cared of! Sister Dimon loves me and takes care of me. I was able to get some pain killer so we could get to work! This day made me want to work my butt off for the next day and work work work!

High on Spirit or Drugs? : Woke up determined to work! Thunderstorms and rain is what we woke up to. Okay. I forget what real rain is. In Utah when it rains it's wimpy rain. Here in Alabama when it rains, it RAINS! We had to stay inside and get creative with our time. Sister Dimon was telling me that one of the keys to being a good sister missionary is to not fall into the "robotic" sister missionary voice. hahaha. I will try not to do that. I learned that faith is THE key to missionary work-- Well at least for me right now. Faith that the Lord will help me. Faith that the Lord will aid me with the strength I need. hahaha It's so funny when it rains here in Alex City. People do not want to talk. They think we are crazy for walking around. We were on a road that were ALL Baptists. The Baptists don't like us. We knocked on the Baptist Preachers house and he was trying to brag to us about how he is saved. We were just like, that's great sir have a nice day and here is our card. Another Lady loved how we give free service. So she said she wants us to come back and help her clean.

Blessed with sweeter than honey investigators: In the New Testament I read in Matthew, "Oh ye of little faith." When I read that it hit me! I was like "Come on Sister Packard have faith!" We taught Sunde today and I wasn't really feeling it. Then we read from the Book of Mormon and BOOM! The spirit came into the room and I could see Sunde's whole body language change. She was much more engaged after that!
All day Sister Dimon and I sing "Work like a beaver be an achiever!" Just like daddy taught me. hahaha

Zone Conference: The Techno Zone: On the way to Zone Conference. We listened to a talk and it was about not only believing Christ, but believing IN Christ. Believing him enough to do something about it. Loved it. Alright Zone Conference was ALL about getting smart phones. WOHOOO! We will have phones and Facebook and it really will hasten the work! We were there from 9-5 talking about how to use it and all that good stuff.

The Holy Ghost softens the heart: Mike is for sure getting baptized now! WOHOOO!!! We love him! We taught this sweet girl named Hayleigh (she is 13 years old) Her mama is a less active (met her at Walmart) and she wants us to teach her daughter. Hayleigh read about Mormons online and said that she didn't believe the internet and wants to get information straight from the source. She made a pros and cons list about becoming a Mormon. But then she pulled out the Restoration pamphlet and pointed to the first vision picture and said, "I love this picture! If Joseph Smith got made fun of and still had faith, so can I!" That just warmed my heart. She said " I have been looking for other religions and I know you're in my life for a reason. It isn't a coincidence!" I asked her if she would like to be baptized on March 3rd and she said yes!!!! I really like her. She's just so sweet. So I told Sister Dimon all about Deej. Deej emailed me about using the Area book and making it your best friend. So we call everyone in that book and so far it is effective! There is something powerful and full of complete joy and true about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love learning more and more. My understanding is broadening.

Highlight of Sacrament meeting was a memeber named LaBrandon. He is a big African American /Polynesian guy. He wrote a poem and basically rapped it. hahaha. He's awesome and a new convert.

1 Nephi 20: 10 "For Behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction."

I like this scripture.

"Heat refines metal and removes impurities. The refinement and sanctification is possible through such experiences can help us achieve what God desires us to become."

He gives us experiences that stimulate growth which forms us for our everlasting growth. God gives us challenges that are designed to help us grow spiritually and test our faith. Christ is the closest thing we have to understanding what God is like, because he is a God. He is what we are trying to become like. He gives us a little teaser to what we can become like eventually. Perfection is having perfect love, compassion, patience, obedience, forgiveness, and humility. Godliness is not attributes of a dictator, or Trump (hahahha) or people striving for power and glory of men. Godliness perfection is the way that Christ lived his life. Trying to become like him, is trying to become more perfect.
Growing up I thought perfection meant all in the looks. Having a symmetrical face, being a certain size or looking a certain way. Even having the right hair style. Being perfect meant having the material things that made you "look perfect" and having it plastered on all social media so everyone knew your perfection.

But because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can change, and change again and repent and repent again. Little by little becoming a little more like the Savior. This life is about proving yourself to God. He's saying "show me all you got" and "testing the source of our strength." Is it in and through men or through Jesus Christ?

Sorry that was all over the place. hahaha But you know what I mean.

Alex City is a simple place with simple folk, and super southern and super nice people. They are really religious or not interested at all! hahaha But I am happy and healthy! I am not taking my health for granted!!(bye bye tooth pain forever WOHOOO!)

Love yall so much,

Sister Packard :)


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