February 5, 2018


Alexander City


Gemma Dimon

Sister Packard Here!

Hey mama and dad! I dont know how the emails work (if you send it to people or whatever) but I'll send you my update from now on and you can do whatever you want with it after that!

Tuesday: I was able to meet my District! But on the way there (it's a long drive) Sister Dimon and I listened to a talk by Hank Smith. He said we must abide by the Book of Mormon's precepts. Meaning living by the BOM's prinicples consistently every day! That the BOM is filled with stories and verses that are put in there for us to find. We have to find the little golden nuggets. Loved this because it changed the way I read the BOM. The District meeting was awesome. There are 4 others elders and then Sister Dimon and I. The new Elders are all really nice. They have all been out for about 18 months and Sister Dimon has been out for 14! hahaha so I am the new bee. But I love it because they all answer the questions I have and help me improve. Today I learned a lot about what the BOM does: clarifies, refutes, expands on, and how to use it effectively when I teach. The gospel of Jesus Christ just makes me want to be a better person. To align my moral and beliefs with my actions. This is true happiness. I want to always have my missionary purpose in the front view mirror!!!

Wednesday: Holy Cow! Today was just filled with awesomeness. We stopped by this sweet ladie's house, named Felicia. She has a severe autistic child who is about 14. She has had a hard life, but she is so faithful and wants to come to church. We talked to her and she strengthens my own testimony. THEN we taught Sunde and Hope about the Plan of Salvation. They want to come to church! WOHOO We have a BOM we teach and a non member came (which apparently never happens) and she liked reading the BOM. Afterwards we talked to another investagor Mike. And he wants to be Baptized! Sister Dimon is just phenomenal. She is just fearless and knows how to answer every question and knows where anything is in the BOM or the Bible!

Thursday: The lesson with Mike, Kim, and Luke was really really special! One of the highlights of my mission so far. Kim was really nervous to pray at the end, but Mike said in a country accent, "Let me help you baby. Start by saying Heavenly Father, and end saying in the name of Jesus Christ amen. " AWW and Mike just really wants Kim and Luke to get baptized too.

Friday: Every Appointment fell through hahahha. But for sure the highlight of today was when we went store contacting in Wal-Mart. A Wal-Mart worker named Quan came over to talk to Sister Dimon and I. He was a member of the Church of Christ (they dont like the Mormons very much) and he BASHED SO HARD! hahaha. Sister Dimon and I kept our cool. He wanted to meet with us and he said that he would bring his preacher. But Sister Dimon said that members of the Church of Christ will do this and then pull out a mormon scrapbook, specifically for bashing us. I was thinking uhhhh I dont wanna meet your preacher! hahahaha

Saturday: We were able to help with a 18 year old's Eagle project in our branch. His name is Derek. Super fun working with the branch. We were making a walk way by this lake. It reminded me of when dad would wake us up every Saturday to do some yard work. We taught Sunde and Hope another lesson and THEY ARE SO SWEET! I like them. We met two older brothers named Cris and Bill. They aren't members and Cris's wife is bed ridden. But they invited us over for ribs. So southern! hahaha. ITS BEEN A MONTH SINCE I LEFT HOME CRAZY!!

Sunday: Fast Sunday wut wuttttt!!! We went to Church in hopes that Mike, Kim, Luke and Sunde, and Hope would come. The only ones that didn't come were Kim and Luke! I couldn't tell if Sunde and Hope liked it, because in Relief Society all they talked about was why council meetings were important and I was like oh no. Relief Society council's are important but I was hoping the lesson would have been more scriptural based or the topic would have been more engaging for our investigators. hahaha. President asked the missionaries to pray for an hour on fast Sundays. I at first thought that was a long time, but it was a cool experience. We went over to a sweet lady's house named Jennie (we met her a walmart) she was sick, so we taught her daughter Haily (who is in 7th grade) she is really sweet. But then her dad came in and slammed the BOM on the table and was like WHY DO Y'ALL BELIEVE IN JOE SMITH, WHAT IF I SAID I WAS A PROPHET?! hahahhaa We told him about the BOM and how we believe in both the Bible and BOM. Then he calmed down and by the end of the lesson he was interested. That is how most people in Alabama are. They are angry at first but then once we tell them we believe in the Bible they get nicer. They are either super super nice here or super not nice and will bash! Brother Glen (member in our ward) wants us to teach his son Jacob and wants us to baptize him!

Ya'll! There are some interesting people here! I love it though. Alex City is a unique place!! I need to know the bible really well. Sister Dimon knows it SO well. SO I started reading the New Testament.

1 Nephi 17: 13
And I will also be your light in the wilderness; and I will prepare the way before you, if it so be that ye shall keep my commandments; wherefore, inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall be led towards the promised land; and ye shall know that it is by me that ye are led.

I love this scriputre so much. As we do our part, as we do our best, Jesus Christ is help us along the way. And when we mess up and fail, he will be there to catch us when we fall. We just need to do our part and love others and serve others.

Sister Packard :)


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