January 24, 2018



Sister Packard has Safely Arrived in Alabama

Sister Christina Packard has safely arrived in the
Alabama Birmingham Mission!

We are impressed with your daughter and want to thank you for all that you have done in preparing this wonderful young woman for her mission.

Attached are photos of Sister Packard, one with President and Sister Sainsbury, one at the airport, and one with all the new missionaries at the Mission Home. She will bless this mission greatly with her enthusiasm and dedication. We love her and pledge our best efforts in directing her service here.
Sister Packard has accepted a call that will change her life and the lives of those with whom she is serving. These first few months will be full of new and challenging experiences, and your support in the form of encouraging and uplifting letters will help her greatly.
Our greatest hope is that each missionary has a positive and growing experience, which will help give them a foundation for a lifetime of service to others. We appreciate the time you have spent raising your daughter to be such a responsible young woman. We thank you for your willingness to share Sister Packard with us.
We like to share pictures of some of the things we are doing in the mission, so if you like, you can ask to join the closed Facebook group - "Alabama Birmingham Mission - Sainsbury group". We usually post pictures of missionaries arriving and departing, Zone Conferences, temple trips, etc., so you can see some of the things your missionary is doing. (Lots of pictures taken at lunch time because that is when we have time to take pictures!) We don't usually post pictures of baptisms, for privacy reasons. If you receive a picture from your missionary and would like to post it to the page for others to enjoy, please share it and we will approve it and post it.
President and Sister Stanford C. Sainsbury


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