January 22, 2018


Provo MTC


Last Email From the MTC

I leave for Alabama early tomorrow morning!!!! WOHOOOO!!!

I have to make this email brief because I havent started packing yet hahaha.

Tuesday: I got a Flu shot, and set up an appointment for me teeth!

Wednesday: On Wednesday mornings we do service and guess what?! The Sister who works at the MTC is name is Sister Rackley! She and I started talking and I told her I am from San Antonio. She said the only person she knows from San Antonio was a boy whose dad was a brain doctor. And I was like Riley Millar?! And she said YES! hahaha small world. We were able to be Hosts (helpers for the Newbies coming in) and one of the sister missionaries I hosted was from San Diego. She knows the Jorgensen's really well! AND she is going to Houston East Mission! I told her family that that is were I am from and that she is going to LOVE it there. Vidorians are awesome!!! The fam was comforted hahaha.

Thursday: I was able to go to the dentist and get my teeth fixed!! WOO It was fun because I was able to go into the real world for once. I learned how to ask educated questions in class. GUESS WHAT A guy emailed me saying that he found my ID!!!! hahaha he said it was in a couch cusion at the LSB at BYU! THANK YOU TITO EDDIE FOR THE PACKAGE! Great TRC with a girl named Sadie.

Friday: Brother Villaba is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Every lesson is so solid. Sister Anderson was sick today, so I got some extra study time!

Saturday: I eat with Elder Packard again and we talked about how excited we are to go into the field tomorrow and wednesday! IT FINALLY SNOWED! I learned more about how the gospel brings happiness. We had an awesome lesson about how to teach the Plan of Salvation and centering it on Jesus Christ

Sunday: So they will call on random missionaries to give talks on Sundays and I got called on! I was like "here goes nothing" hahaha But I talked about the Holy Ghost! Since it was our last District meeting we had a testimony meeting. Super sweet.

Monday: Today has been lots of goodbyes! Sister Anderson and I were able to teach two TRC's back to back. And one of the investigaors "broke character" and was like "you were in my world civ class!" hahhaa

WOW! The time here has been awesome. The food is great, the teachers really care, you learn so so so much every single day, and you learn how to become more like christ and how to invite others to christ. YALL! I am just so excited to go! The MTC is truly an amazing place. I still have a long way to go. But I am SUPER EXCITED!


Love yall so much,

Sister Packard :)


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