January 16, 2018


Provo MTC


2nd Week in the MTC

Friends and Family!!!

This has been a GREAT week! I'm learning so much! The Alabaska (we combined the names because we are going to Alaska and Alabama) district is doing awesome!

First Pday (Tuesday):
On Pdays we do laundry and write to our family. Our District went to the Temple and did an endowment. It was really cool being a room full of missionaries. Then we went to a special devotional broadcasting to all of the MTC's in the world. Elder Bednar came to talk about the passing of President Monson and the responsibility of the Priestood. Sis Bednar talked about giving prayers of gratitude. I liked both talks alot. Really cool!!!

Wednesday: We woke up early for a service project. Elder Packard and I sat by each other for lunch and I love it so much. Hes awesome. Our TRC (kaitlyn) really knows her bible, so it was harder teaching her a lesson. But this is good for me because that's how all the people of ALabma will be!
Something that really helped me teaching was realizing that the message we give is the same, "Through Jesus Christ, we can receive salvation". LEARNING HOW TO TEACH WOOOO!! and then the New Bee's came in (weird to think that that was me only a week ago. It feels like Ive been here for a long long time)

Thursday: I SAW SISTER WALKER! She's doing great! Sister Gonzales (this is the one who is also from San Antonio) and I always do workouts together. She's awesome and always pushes me to work hard even when I dont want to hahahaha. She was on the BYU Hawaii cross country team. TRC is always the highlights of the day. Jaryn is really receptive to our lessons. We taught the Plan of Salvation. She's so sweet. She started tearing up and then we started tearing up hahaha. We talked about how God loves us and forgives us. I run into SO many people from BYU who teach here. It's nice seeing people I know. Alot of them are from my old wards!

Friday: The funeral for Thomas S. Monson was amazing! In class we learned how to ask good questions! I loved this because I think a lesson is all about the questions to ask. Sister Anderson and I taught Jaryn for the last time. She's so sweet! The Alabama people found out that we are leaving January 23 at 4:50 AM!! That's in 9 days!!! WOHOOO FEELING PUMPED!

Saturday: Learned more in depth about the atonement. Loved it!! I feel so bad for my district because I ask SOOO many questions and they all have to sit there hahaha. But I cant help it. I want to learn as much as I can before I leave. TRC was ROUGH! hahaha Kaitlyn knows all about everything there is to know about the bible and Sister Anderson and I did our best. We are learning for sure hahhaa.

Sunday: Sister Anderson and I gave the lesson in Relief Society about the apostacy and restoration! It was awesome! Lots of tears and testimonies from the other sisters! WOO! Our District likes to go on Temple walks. Sundays are really awesome here!

Monday: Learned more about how to recognize the spirit. Rough TRC again because our investigator didn't believe in God. Sister Anderson and I are learning how to teach people of all walks of life. We are learning how to better teach the gospel in a way that even a child could understand.

I am learning alot at the MTC! I have a great district and great teachers to help me become a better teacher. :) I have learned this week that it is all about have charity, the pure love of christ. Loving my investigators and just trying to help them come closer to christ is what it is all about!

"your future is as bright as your faith!"

Sister Packard is doing well!!!!!

Yall have a great week :)



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