January 9, 2018


Provo MTC


Sister Anderson

First Experiences in the MTC

Hello friends and family

First of all all I have to say is WOW! Being a missionary is so much
better than I thought it would be. I am constantly pushed out of my
comfort zone, but I love it and it is good for me. I am slowly but
surely becoming a better teacher with the help of my companion, my
district, my teachers, and Jesus Christ.

This is Sister Packard in the MTC!!! WOOOOO!!! WOW! Holy Cow. This
place is awesome. Saying bye to yall was so sad and hard especially in
the moment . since daddy was sick it made it even more sad. Hope
you're feeling better dad praying for you! I’m glad y’all made it home
safe to Texas! But BOOM right when you enter the MTC they make sure
you are busy! Which I loved. I walked in and got my badge, lots of
papers, my key, my card and headed to my resident hall. The rooms are
for 6 girls and they are nice! I went straight to class and the whole
time I was thinking WOW I cant belive that I am here, and i was also
thinking WOW this building is really nice. I walk into my first class
and I was able to meet my first district. There are only 4 of us going
to Alabama, and the rest are gong to Alaska. My companion was late the
first day so I was with 2 other sisters at first. But then Sister
Anderson came at the end of the day and SHE IS AWESOME! She is from
Arizona, worked for a bit before coming on a mission, adn now shes
here and we have gotten so close. We are the ones that talk the most
in our classes hahaha. One of my teachers actually knows Aryn and sang
with her accapella group! He is aweoms! I have learned so much from
him. He is so patient with me hahaha I ask so many questions. We had
to teach our first investigaotr day one (his name is Jesse), but he
ended up being our teacher, so it was werid for me at frist to pretend
but I have gotten used to it now. Our first lesson was ROUGH hahaa. I
ramble to much, and I don't really know what I am dong. But each
lesson gets better and better. There is a girl in my district who is
from San Antonio, she went to Ragan, and went to BYU Hawaii before she
came here, I think she said she knows Tristan Lamb. Her brother is on
the BYU diving team. Her name is Sister Gonzales. I see Elder Packard
ALL THE TIME! He is Zone leader in his Zone! I see him in the halls,
in cafeteria, and I eat with him a lot. Its awesome. I love talking to
him and hearing about how he has to learn Tagolog. It is amazing how
many people know the packards. Right now I am sitting by a sister who
is from New York and Told me how her little sister is going to get
baptized because of Natalie! One of my teachers served in San Diego,
and was with the Jorgensons all the time. I ran into a Sister in the
bathroom who served in Vidor!!!

Our District is in the Choir and I think that Apostles are speaking at
the devotional tonight!! I am so excited!!! We are about to go to the
temple right now.

Kenneth Cope gave a devotional and he sang. it was awesome. His voice
reminded me of Dad and the way he sang made me miss daddy.

One special moment I had was reading the second Nephi about Jesus
getting baptized it reminded me of the song dad wrote and how Jesus is
the ultimate perfect example :)

The 4th day I felt more discouraged but still motivated. I feel like
I’m on the heroes journey and I’m on the “departure part”

People always want to know about Mom and if she is from the Phillipines.


So throughout my experience so far, my mind is just being blown.
Learning how to teach the restortaion is tricky because there is so
much information that we have to teach. But I am learning how to teach
by asking lots and lots of questions, and just listening. Missionary
work is so much more about listening then teaching. Alot of it is just
really litening to the investigaors needs and then teaching a lesson
according to what you think the lord wants them to hear.

The MTC is an amzing place, the teachers are phenomial, the food is
great, and all the missionaries here are so nice and so positive. I am
meeting so many amazing people with some cool background

On Sunday,
The power went out through out the whole MTC. It was kind of fun
trying to get ready in the dark. Our district combined with a spanish
district, so the whole fast in testimony meeting was in Spanish. They
were heading to Argentina!! I was like HEY MY DAD WENT THERE! Sundays
are awesome here. Lots of amazing speakers. Again. My mind is just
being blown all the time and I am seeing everything in a new light.

TRC (Teaching resource center) is a thing we do here at the MTC to get
more realistic interaction with investigators. Sister Anderson and I
had to teach a 45 minute lesson about the Restoration and we were kind
of nerovus. But we said a prayer, telling Heavenly Father thta we are
outting our trust in him. And we went in and DID IT! The lesson was
far from perfect but by the end of the lesson, the spirit filled the
room and we talked about the power of the BOM and how Heavenly father
loves you more than you can comprehend and he know you personally. and
then the Investigator (Jaryn) started crying and then Sister Anderson
and I started crying and WE DID IT!!! We felt so good after that. It
bonded Sister Anderson and I.

One of the highlights of my week was listening to Elder Bednars Talk
"the Character of christ" It completly chagned my perspective on
missionary work. He talked about how you have to get overyourself,
this is not about you. This is about others and your investigators. As
you turn the arrow poinrting towards you to others, you will receive
blessings. BUT you shouldnt do it for the blessings, thats not the
point. The point is to lose yourself in the work, and in doing so you
will recieve blessings. You will truly have love for others, and
become more like christ. When teaching people won’t remember what you
say but by the character of who you are and your very being

I am constantly being reminded of why I am here. I am helping other
come unto christ by helping them receive the restored gospel of Jesus
Christ. I love being a missionary. I am learning alot. I for SURE have
a long way to go. But each lesson and each day I learn and learn adn
learn and am improving bit by bit. I know that as I do my part and
have faith in Jesus Christ, that he wil be with me everystep of the

Whenever I get discouraged and frustrated that I am not doing as well
as I wish, I just remeber that it's going to be a process adn I need
to be patient. step by step, putting all my faith in Jesus Christ,
remebring to have fun, to love others, and to keep working hard!!!!
Idk if anything I have said made any sense hahaha I know that my
emails are sporadic. I promise that I will get better at that.

I love yall,

Sister Packard is doing just fine and loving it here and learning SO MUCH!

PS: Around here people call me "Sister Gomez" hhahhaha
And I’m so excited to go to ALABAMA WOOHOOOOO


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