November 13, 2018



My first P-day!

Yay! It's my first p-day finally!
It feels like a lot longer than a week, though. As a quick first note: we can read emails everyday, but only reply on Tuesday, so you don't have to wait until Tuesday to email me. We can use our phones for a lot here, especially taking notes.
My companion is Sister Sterrett (pronounced like carrot) and we get along well. She's 20 and went to BYUI for a year before putting in her papers. She's going to Chicago, Illinois on her mission, and I keep joking that she needs to build up her cold tolerance or she won't be able to survive. (She hates the cold). She helps motivate me to exercise and plan enough and I help make sure she isn't late to anything. We work well together, and have already started teaching our first investigator (called a TRC here, because they're found for us) the lessons. When we did our practice lesson with our teacher she said we did great, so that really helped my confidence.
My district is awesome. There are 14 of us, 10 Elders and 4 sisters. You can see them all in the pictures. There are three places we're going- Roseville California, Chicago Illinois, and Provo. We keep joking with the elders going to Provo that they're just going to live out of the MTC. I don't think they find it that funny. They're awesome though, and half of them are my age or older. They're becoming like brothers and sisters to me.
We played basketball with some Elders going to Australia the other day, and Sister Sterrett beat everyone in speed about 15 times in a row. The Elders are starting to either challenge her, or refuse to play with her. Elder Egbert, our district leader, said 'what priesthood power is this?' as a joke and that's kinda stuck as our district's inside joke now.
There's an MTC cat wandering around, and we got pictures with her Thursday morning. We call her Sister Mittens (fun fact: mittens the cat is also MTC for short).
Stay strong!
-Sister Wesche


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