March 30, 2020


Łodz, Poland


Sister Lewis

I'm staying?

Well I don't know how to describe this experience besides a roller-coaster that I didn't know I signed up to ride haha. Welcome to life I guess!
On Thursday, we had zone conference through zoom and it was great. We talked about goals and that we need to find balance in the changes to be able to keep going. Goals have already helped me with that and they give me more purpose and stability, so I don't go crazy haha.

Instead of a mission devotional, we were going to join the online religion (institute) class for the young adults. But President Chandler got new information he needed to share with us so we scheduled the devotional for after institute, at 21:20. Then during the institute, President Chandler calls us. We quickly leave the zoom call and answer him. He said that I would be going home early because of the lack of international flights, but I probably wouldn't leave until May. I was so sad but not that surprised. Then on Friday, during the devotional, he announced that he has even more information and we actually all get to stay!!!!... for now! He is allowed to make the decisions of who goes and who stays himself for now. And he wants all of us to stay :)

We had 2 great video meetings this week with people from Facebook! Woohoo! We are actually busier now than we were before the coronavirus and the work is speeding up! I'm so grateful for the tender mercies and miracles and blessings around me!
We had a interesting conversation on Facebook. So we were messaging this guy and he was interested in reading the Book of Mormon with us. And the right before we called, he said he actually can't video call but then he adds his friend to the group. So then we are chatting with two of them and then they both add a 3rd and 4th friend. Except by this point, they are now not interested in the Book of Mormon and the other 2 friends are confused why they were added haha. We ended it with sending a link to the Book of Mormon online and left the conversation. It has brought lots of laughs since then though haha.

General Conference is next week and I am so excited to watch it! I don't think I've ever needed to hear the prophet and church leaders so much as now! Enjoy watching it and feeling the spirit! It's gonna be so good!

Kocham Was
Siostra Webber

Getting some sun on our balcony
District council 😂
Empty streets


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