August 26, 2019


Bydgoszcz, Poland


Sister Jones

Pomyłka and Bułki (Mistake - "wrong number" and bread rolls)


Last p-day we went to Toruń, a city famous for inventing gingerbread and it's Nicolas Copernicus's birthplace! We went to a planetarium and ate some gingerbread and then visited a family in the branch and had family home evening with them. So fun!
We met with a girl named Monika!! Woohoo!!! She is so nice and was interested in our message. We're hoping to keep meeting with her this week.
In English class on Thursday, there is a man that usually comes. He is from Turkey and after English, he played this really cool instrument. It was like a guitar but played kinda like a piano and sounds like folk music haha. Anyway it was fun! He stayed for our religious discussion too! :)
On Friday, we were getting a bus pass for sister Jones. First we had to get her a ticket for the tram but couldn't find a ticket booth and some trams have only electronic machines. So we walked to the next 2 tram stops and then found a ticket booth. Finally we got on the right tram and sat down. This girl right across from me started looking at my missionary tag and asked about. We started talking and she wants to come to English and church! So cool! God was directing us to that tram even though we didn't know it.

We did some more area book this week and some people want to meet! And lots of people say "pomyłka" which is the word for wrong number, even when we know it's not a pomyłka haha.

Funny: it was Saturday night and sister Jones and I were trying to decide what to eat for dinner. We were both craving bread rolls called bułki for dinner but didn't have any in the apartment. We decided to run down to the grocery store right next to the apartment. It's called Biedronka which is a popular grocery store in Poland, and sister Jones has started calling it "the Dronk" haha. So we are about to leave the apartment and automatically turn to pray, because that's what we usually do before leaving the house. And sister Jones starts praying and thanks Heavenly Father for bułki and for "the Dronk." Haha so fun.

A tour guide got in contact with us this last week. This tour guide takes his small group through different churches in Bydgoszcz and heard about our church. So he calls on Sunday and wants to visit with his group after church. Our branch president was going to stay but instead, told us about all the things to remember to say and said good luck and left haha. So sister Jones and I showed the tour group of 14 around the church and talked a little about the Restoration. It was a fun experience!

Kocham Was
Siostra Webber

Gingerbread in Toruń
Nicolas Copernicus
Leaning tower in Toruń :)


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