July 29, 2019


Bydgoszcz, Poland


Sister Lueck

I'm staying in Bydgoszcz!

I am staying in Bydgoszcz and I will be serving with Sister Jones. She is the group behind me and only was in Poland for a few months. Then she had to leave because legal work problems, and has been in Chicago since February. And she's coming back next week! So I am serving in Gdańsk for a week and a half then going back to Bydgoszcz with Sister Jones! I am serving with Sister Emett and Sister Memmett in Gdańsk! Exciting!

This week, did some service, lots of contacting and fun stuff. We helped at the senior house and the old people are so cute and sweet, and so Polish. I'm convinced Polish people become more Polish as they age haha. On Friday, we were calling people from area book and one man wanted to meet. He had us call later and when we did, he asked if we could meet in 30 minutes! We taught him the restoration and answered some questions. It was cool and fun teaching with Sister Lueck again.

On Saturday, we were out contacting and we ran into the MTC teacher, Sister Einfeldt! She and her husband are visiting Poland! So sweet!! Also on Saturday, a new girl came to English and she was the only one that came! She was so nice and she also stayed for religious discussion. We talked about families and asked her about hers and she said it is a tough subject and she told us about her family. We showed her a video about families and trials and hope (the video is called "mountains to climb" on the gospel library app, go check it out!!). She really liked what we said about hope and happiness and how we focus on that. We had no idea our message was what she needed to hear! I am so grateful for the spirit and for God's help as a missionary. God really knows what people need and how to help others! I know He will guide us if we ask for His help and listen!
On Sunday we sang "I'm trying to be like Jesus" for church. We sang with the elders and with a nine year old girl named Amelia! It was so sweet! I love this church, the church of Jesus Christ, and the hope and happiness it gives other people. :) :)
Have a great week!
Kocham Was
Siostra Webber

Eating famous polish doughnuts called pączki
Seeing Sister Einfeldt, with two members!
Pictures of Ggdańsk and ice cream that melted way too fast haha ;)


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