July 8, 2019


Bydgoszcz, Poland


Sister Lueck

"We are finding a higher and holier way of contacting" -Sister Lueck

Dzień Dobry! (Good morning)
Some cool things happened this week!
We had some service opportunities. We went to a senior home and talked to the nice old people there :) They always try to give us food or drinks and it's so nice haha. Then, we visited another old babcia (grandmother) and she was so sweet! We called her last week randomly, she used to be taught by missionaries years ago. She has a Book of Mormon with pictures of missionaries and their signatures! She invited us over right when we called. Polish people are so generous!
We also had the opportunity to paint a school! A member here owns an English teaching school and we repainted the inside, about 4 rooms. It took a while but it was so nice to serve. And she bought us pizza as a thank you!
On the fourth of July, we threw a big party and invited almost everyone we knew, mostly English speakers and people from our English class. We had a bonfire with hot dogs, s'mores, watermelon, and an american flag cake we made! It was so fun and lots of people came, and people liked the s'mores! :) We also had patriotic American songs playing (from the hymn book haha). Living in Poland has made me more patriotic and so we tried to go all out for the fourth of July.
Also, we went over to a member's house (Koni) who is trying to learn Polish and taught her some words/ phrases. But before we could get in, we stood outside her door, right next to an outdoor restaurant, and rang the domophone. She wasn't answering for like 10 minutes and then we turn and see her come out of another door a few feet down. We were just standing there ringing the wrong house haha. It was awkward, but really funny haha.
On Saturday, we got to meet the new mission president and his family, Prezydent and Siostra Chandler. They are here with 3 of their 6 six kids and the youngest is 11. President Chandler was one of the first missionaries in Poland right when the mission opened in 1990. He was even in the MTC the same time as the first mission president. And Sister Chandler got called to serve in Poland just a year later. She served in Wrocław, where President Turek was living and she knew him as a recently baptized 12 year old!! They really know about missionary work in Poland and they are excited to be back and to seen how the church has grown here. And they want it to keep growing! New things are coming! Starting today, the whole mission is reading the Book of Mormon together in 40 days! They testified that we have to be converted to bring anyone else unto Jesus Christ and that is done by reading and studying the Book of Mormon. Also, they made some changes to the way we contact, or talk to people on the street. In the past, we would talk to and stop everyone and talk to them about church, God, family history, etc. From this, a lot of people are not interested. But there are interested and prepared people in Poland that we need to find. So now when we contact, he wants us to look at each person and follow the spirit to see who is prepared and who we should talk to. This takes more spiritual preparation on our part because we must be always listening to the spirit. But I believe that we can find those prepared people and that there will be miracles! I felt the spirit in the room when he and his wife testified and I know they are called of God! We all felt excited and ready to go out and get to work when they introduced this new way of contacting! Woohoo!
Kocham was! (I love you)
Pozdrawiam, (greetings)
Siostra Webber

On the Rynek/Town Square
Happy 4th of July
Sisters from the Poznań zone!


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