July 1, 2019


Bydgoszcz, Poland


Sister Lueck

Deja vu with Siostra Lueck!!

It has been so fun with Sister Lueck again but in Bydgoszcz this time! Bydgoszcz (pronounced Bidgoshch) is smaller and we take less trams and buses. The branch is pretty great and has some solid members! It is really fun being with Sister Lueck, she loves talking to people and saying hi, just like in the MTC. She is really hard working and determined which is awesome. We have had some cool service opportunities and have had lots of contacting time. We often talk to foreigners which is so interesting and fun. We are teaching two friends, Agnieśka and Marina :)
We have had some other adventures together like, somehow registering me in the city at the Urząd (government office) with both of our broken and limited Polish haha and getting lost in the heat, it has been so hot!
On Sunday, we had a miracle! We just missed our bus and would have to wait 40 minutes until the next one, making us late for our meeting with Agnieśka. Then two minutes later, a member pulled up with his wife and offered us a ride in their (air-conditioned) car! Miracle! Then later Sunday night, after our meeting, we helped Koni, a member, move out and she gave us frozen vegetables she didn't want. So we carried them back to our apartment as we walked home and it was like portable air conditioning! New tip for hot weather -carry around frozen items!
It has been nice being with Sister Lueck. Because we are in the same mission age, we get to learn new things together :) I'm grateful to be in Bydgoszcz and i'm grateful for God's help this week!

Kocham Was! (I love you)
Siostra Webber

Sister Lueck :)
Carrying the frozen vegetables in a trash bag :))


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