April 29, 2019


Krakow, Poland


Sister Seastrand

Missionary work and the Spirit

Cześć! (hey!)
This week we had some great contacting experiences! We went on splits with two members, Ola and Tanya in a park when it was really sunny. It was cool to talk to people with Tanya and hear her share her experiences of conversion and her testimony. It was so awesome to see her excited about sharing the gospel. After we were done, we were both so happy and feeling the spirit! Even though contacting can be scary, it is a cool experience to share the gospel and your testimony and help others feel the Spirit. We are trying to have members more involved in missionary work and I know it will be so beneficial for the people we work with!

We had a good lesson with Basia. We weren't sure if she was feeling the spirit that much or progressing and so we asked her why we want her to read the Book of Mormon. She listed 5 reasons! She said she wants to know our church and mainly because she feels peace when she reads! She said she knows it's a small feeling of peace but it makes her feel like she can persevere through her trials! We testified that she is feeling the Holy Ghost and she can keep feeling that by reading and coming to church.

I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the peace it brings me too as I read it. I know it brings us closer to Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to be a member of His church! Have a great week everyone!

Kocham Was! (I love you)


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