April 1, 2019


Krakow, Poland


Sister Seastrand

The Power of Prayer

Hello, this week we had some lessons and lots of contacting! We met with Basia, Ewa, Dagmara, and Dorota again! On Friday, we spent the whole day contacting and we were pretty exhausted by the end of the day but it felt good to know we worked hard! Most of Saturday was spent contacting too and there was some rejections and some rude people but there was also a girl that took a Book of Mormon and she wants to meet after she reads a little! Woohoo!

On Sunday, we thought it was fast Sunday and started fasting. Then we got to church and realized we were wrong and fast Sunday is in 2 weeks, after general conference. Luckily, we had a branch lunch right after church haha! God blesses us when we fast ;) ;).

We had some cool experiences with prayer this week. I saw how it really does bring the spirit and softens hearts. First, when we were meeting with Basia, Helena called. She was really struggling and really stressed and asked us to pray for her. Right after, we told Basia and she agreed to pray with us right then. We all got on our knees and Siostra Seastrand prayed. After, I could tell Basia was touched by the Spirit, it was powerful. Then, we visited Helena on Sunday and she wasn't much better than the day she called. We said a prayer right there and I think she felt the Spirit and God's love and a little happier. There is not much we can do to help Helena but we pray for her and read the Book of Mormon and show her our love. I know prayer can be so powerful when we make it a priority. I am so grateful we can pray and talk to God anytime and feel His love. It is such a blessing!

General Conference is this weekend where the prophet and apostles and leaders of our church will give talks about faith and Jesus Christ. It will be broadcast on the church's website ( on Saturday and Sunday. I encourage you all to watch and listen! I know we can receive answers to our prayers and questions and feel the Holy Ghost when we listen!

Kocham Was!
Siostra Webber

View of a pretty river :)


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