March 4, 2019


Krakow, Poland


Sister Seastrand

Pączki and Posłuszeństwo (doughnuts and obedience)

Hello! This week was full of meetings, food, and pączki. Fat Thursday was last Thursday and we made homemade pączki or doughnuts for service night and gave them out on actual Fat Thursday again. When we were giving the doughnuts out, we gave one to a girl on a bench. She was from Algeria and spoke broken English and no Polish but is studying here. I invited her to free English class and she got emotional! We said we can be friends and she was really grateful. After that, she helped us give out the rest of the doughnuts. She asked us how to say "free" in Polish (za darmo) and then shouted it at all the people around. Hahaha it was so hilarious and not Polish at all because Polish people are reserved and quiet so they were pretty shocked by it haha.

We met with Dagmara, Basia, and Dorota this week! The lessons went well and they are all going to try to read the Book of Mormon! With Dagmara, we taught the Restoration and she is very religious and curious. She found a Book of Mormon in a hotel when she visited the United States!

I'm learning more about obedience and that I need to open my mouth more and not be afraid. Even if I think I don't how to say something, I know God still wants me to open my mouth and try. I'm learning that exact obedience (Posłuszeństwo) means opening my mouth, testifying, and sharing the gospel at all times. I have a lot to learn.

Lastly, Sunday was awesome. Before church, we had extra time so we went out to contact and invite people to church. After about 5 minutes, we saw a lady that was walking straight toward us. She was so relieved to see us! She was from France and just in Poland for work. She couldn't find the church building but she found us!! Then, about 15 people came into church, all part of an online school group from America and some of them are members. We had about double the branch size in church! One of the adults from the group served in Poland 20 years ago! He bore a powerful testimony in Polish and it was so cool to see that he could still speak a little and that he still loves Poland so much. Then, we had break the fast after church / Teresa's surprise birthday party. She turned 70! We set up a birthday sign and made a cake brought it all out for her. It was so fun and such a good Sunday.
Have a great week everyone!!

Doctrine and Covenants 100:4-8
Kocham Was,
Siostra Webber

Happy Birthday Teresa!!
The Kraków branch! I love them all so much! :)


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