January 10, 2019




Siostra Lueck

Blessings :)

Dzien Dobry!! (Good morning)
I hope you all had a wonderful week! This week was pretty great! On Friday, we had another skype lesson with a Polish person. This lesson was with Filip! I understood a little but not much, however the spirit was so strong! He has such a strong testimony!!!! I am so grateful that even though it was hard to understand, I could still feel the spirit! I know that can happen in Poland and the Spirit can convey the truth of our message!! Siostra Lueck and I taught Ewa again and we taught her about baptism. She said she would pray about it! I love teaching her because I get to hear her testimony and prayers in Polish and it gets me more excited for the real deal in Poland!
Also, Claire is in Gorblitz and right next to POLAND. And she has already taught people in Poland!!!!! That is so amazing! It is a testament to me that God is aware of us! I'm so excited for the people she will teach and the good she is already doing!!
On Monday, we hosted senior missionaries again, helping them come into the MTC. We were really excited because our teacher said a senior couple was coming in that are also serving in Poland!! We got to meet them! We helped them right when they got to the MTC and the other half of my district helped them find their room. They are Elder and Sister Womack. We get to be at the MTC with them for a week! I love seeing them around and I hope to serve with them in Poland!
On Tuesday, we had a devotional with Sister Jean A. Bingham and she talked about agency and choosing to follow God. She brought up stories all over the scriptures. I am so grateful that I have agency to choose righteously and to repent everyday. I will miss the devotionals and speakers I get to hear from every week! Being at the MTC helps me notice the little (and big) blessings God gives me! He is aware of me and the more I notice His hand in my life, the happier my day is! Have a fantastic week and remember to thank God for your blessings! :)
Kocham Cie! (I love you)
Siostra Webber

Pretty Sunrise!
Eating sack breakfast with my siostry!


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