December 6, 2018




Siostra Lueck

Snow and Service at the MTC


I hope everyone had a good! This week was good!!

Sunday was so good because I got to hear testimonies from the missionaries that left from my zone. There were two devotionals on Sunday, one from the MTC presidency and one from the First Presidency broadcast. Sister Esplin played her violin for the first devotional and she was so good! It was snowing Sunday, so that was fun too.

From last week to this week, I had more motivation to study Polish and to teach. My teachers are so helpful and loving, they helped us out by lowering some goals and expectations so we don’t feel discouraged or overwhelmed. We were all struggling to reach our language goals each day and they helped us adjust our goals. It gave me more motivation to teach and speak in Polish. We taught our teacher twice and TRC once this week, and I kept praying to just feel the Spirit in the lesson, and for the person we were teaching to feel it. I felt the Spirit and I know God was helping me find some of the right words. During the TRC, I could not really understand what they were saying but their testimony brought the Spirit in. My teacher was sitting in one of the TRC lessons, which was a little scary because she was taking notes. But afterword, she told my companion and I that the question we asked lead him to bear testimony and get emotional about his mom and the importance of serving others. I am so blessed to feel the Spirit and so glad that I could feel it in the lessons.

On Tuesday, we had a great devotional from Elder Teixeira. Before the devotional, we had taught our teacher and a lot of people felt overwhelmed from the lesson. Then, the whole devotional was about joyful missionary service! He said that we will have ups and downs but you will be progressing because of them, and that the joy you can feel on your mission will outweigh the hard days. My whole district felt like the talk was exactly what we needed to hear. Then Brother Packer, from our branch presidency, said if you can keep smiling until 10 am, then your day will always work itself out. I love that advice and my district is trying to do that.

This week, for Light the World, it is to light your community through service. There have been sticky notes and missionaries singing carols all over the MTC! My companion and I put nice sticky notes on doors, hallways, and bathroom mirrors haha! It is so fun to serve others! I encourage you all the Light the World be serving others!! Have a great week!

Do zobacenia i Kocham Cie (See you later and I love you)
Siostra Webber



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