April 27, 2020


Radcliff, Kentucky


Sister Martin

The One With 100 Lessons

Yell-Oh my faithful followers!!! It’s that time again to tell you about my week. I love being companions with Sister Martin!!! She is always so fun and funny! Every week we do weekly planning, and at the end of weekly planning you do something called companionship inventory. This is basically where you tell each other what you love about each other and how we can help one another with their goals. That’s the nice part. At the end if there’s beef you clear up the beef. This last comp inventory I was telling sister Martin her strengths, and she gets soooooo uncomfortable when people compliment her, so I gave her a good run down and went on and on for like 10 minutes watching her pace around the apartment. When it was her turn she starts with my strengths and she gets up on a chair and says, "Sister Ludwig, you have legs and that's all I want to say." We both just died laughing. It was so awesome. Another fun story - we were sitting in one of our meetings and we were both in chairs participating over zoom when all of a sudden Sister Martin shoves me out of my chair and I go flying across the room. She full on sent me flying. She was like yeah my goal was to have you catch air. It was so funny. It definitely lightened up our boring meeting. Everyone was laughing!! We have such a good time!

Other than goofing around we have a goal with the zone to have 100 lessons this week!! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO DO IT!!! We’ve set up about 20 lessons just here in Radcliff. Including family and friends back home, members here, returning members, and people being taught here! We are so very excited to be a part of this unique time and work!! We are loving it!

I pray for you all every day! I hope you are staying safe and healthy and all the things! I miss you dearly! See you all very soon!

Sister Ludwig


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