April 20, 2020


Radcliff, Kentucky


Sister Martin

The One With The Goals

Hello! Okay so I'm going to level with you all. Missionary work has done a 180 from what I use to know. It has been hard to stay in contact with those that we were already teaching! Everything is done virtually. I have had to completely rethink and reprogram myself which has not been easy. But we have been in good contact with my little guy Brody. He reads the Bible and Book of Mormon every day. He’s only 8 people! I pray that we can all be a little bit more like Brody! He’s on date for July. He really wants his whole family at his baptism. He's hoping everything dies down quicker, so he can get baptized sooner though! He’s so cute!

I am very blessed to be a missionary at this time. It has pushed me to my limits and even passed them in some ways. It's hard to feel successful and productive when even the smallest task of putting on proselyting clothes has become difficult. I haven’t really ever felt this sad in my life. It's hard for me because I feel like I have so much love to give to the world, and I feel like I can’t give it my all. So, I went on a quest to find out why this has to be the way we do missionary work for the time being.

I've stopped asking God why the world is going the way it's going, and I've started asking God to teach me about what I need to know while the world is the way it is. For me in particular I feel like God is teaching me about setting faithful goals. I'm pretty sure He still has a few lessons for me to learn. If I want to Hear Him and understand Him on a higher level, I need to make sure I have the spiritual capacity to do so.

I just want to say how much I love my family. They have been such rocks for me! I truly have the best people in my life! My brother Jake sent me a scripture, and it was about Shiblon and how the Lord is so pleased with his work. Jake told me to substitute my name for Shiblon’s. I really needed it! I also needed my Luke's sweet disposition. I swear the sun shines brighter when you have Luke Ludwig in your life. To my sweet mother, I owe literally my entire existence to. Thank you momma for hurting when I hurt and for smiling when I smile. Dad, you keep me laughing and you keep me learning. Every time I talk to you I learn something new about myself, you, and the Savior. Thanks for playing battleship with me, and for being the type of man I admire and honor. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!

-LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Sister Ludwig


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