April 6, 2020


Radcliff, Kentucky


Sister Martin

The One With The Restoration

So there I was…(this is how my Stake Pres. in Vegas starts his talks)…doing a missionary thing, and we get a call. FULL QUARANTINE! SO WEIRD. Basically, we go to the store and for walks. We also have to wear masks everywhere we go! It's weird, but hey I'm still in KY and couldn't ask for anything better!!

Let's talk conference people! My personal favorite was Elder Rasband of the Seventy. He talked about the most joyful truth of the Atonement of Christ is that it fixes things that we broke that we cannot fix! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TRUTH!! I love it! I loved the messages of the restoration too! I even found three cars in different stages of a restoration. I know this is Christ’s RESTORED gospel! And aren’t we all the same? We are in different stages of becoming the perfect beings our Heavenly Father intended. See the potential you have because it’s real!

Nothing much happened this week. It’s a challenge to be a full time on line missionary to say the least. We started a Facebook page and are trying to get followers that might be interested in hearing the message we have for them. We also had a good time playing guitar and basketball in our surgical masks! Strange world we live in.

Love you! Sister Ludwig


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