March 2, 2020


Radcliff, Kentucky


Sister Eliason

The One with OORAH!

Hello my friends! Things in Radcliff are rolling right along! It's been a weird adjustment. I'm use to the YSA scene and being silly and fun with my peers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still silly and fun and my normal self, but I'm waiting for Radcliff to be silly back! Blessed with the best companion, Sister Eliason! She’s always silly with me! LOVE HER TO PIECES!!

This week, legit every plan we made fell through, but that's okay because we kept going and we have an amazing week ahead of us! Brody is well on his way to baptism on the 21st of March! I AM SO PUMPED! HE IS SOOOO CUTE AND SWEET!! He is 8 years old, so it doesn’t count as a convert baptism, but his dad is a recent convert here and just received the Priesthood to baptize him! We still teach Brody and he is almost done reading the Book of Mormon stories! He has the best questions and he is so pumped! I LOVE BRODY SO MUCH!

On Sunday we had a really awesome Come Follow Me lesson. Now, everyone here is military so we focused in on the phrase "at ease in Zion." The military men got lined up in front of the room and one of them was a drill Sargent. He barked and yelled "ATTENTION SOLDIERS" In unison they all stood up straight and were laser focused. Then the Brother said, "At ease, gentlemen." The teacher asked us what kind of attitude do we have on building up Zion. Do we have a relaxed easy going attitude, or are we go getters and ready at a moment’s notice to serve and love as the Savior did.

Food for thought! I LOVE YOU ALL SO INCREDIBLY MUCH! I pray that each of you find yourselves standing at attention with your tent door facing the Savior's way! I can picture it in my head. All of us as the Lord's army! Gives me chills! Love this country and love my God! My God is awesome. He is not boring or lazy. He is LOVE!

Love Sister Ludwig!


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