February 3, 2020


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Mason

The One In The Furnace Of Affliction

Heyo friends!! We have a lot on the docket today so I'm not going to write much..

1. We had an amazing time with Blair this week!! We had a lesson on the priesthood and the Family Proclamation. She absolutely loved it, and because of the lesson, she found the courage to tell to her mom about getting baptized!!
2. We had an amazing lesson with Gloria about the temple. She just cried and cried and so we cried and cried. She is so conflicted. We want her to make a decision because it will being peace!! She knows it is true. She is just scared that it is. Please pray for her!!
3. Tabitha is sooo amazing! She is so ready to be baptized. It is insane!!

This week was a miracle and a half, but there is opposition in all things! Our car got towed and it sent me over the edge, along with some other issues. I really felt as if I was sitting in the furnace of affliction. Good thing that's where the Lord picks from, right? Also, the beauty of the refiner's fire is that we don't have to stay in it. If we choose to sit in it, that's self-pity. And just like pride, self-pity is not humility. Agency is such an amazing and beautiful concept to me. LIFE IS CONSTANTLY BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE WE CHOOSE TO SEE IT!!! Live like it's your last day! Love like it's your last day! And give all you've got. You'll find yourself happier than you have ever been!!!

Sister Ludwig


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