January 20, 2020


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Mason

The One With The Book of Mormon

Hello my beautiful people! What a week it has been! It started out being 70 degrees and sunny and now we are sitting pretty at a 22 degrees, but feels like 10... please don't hesitate to send up a prayer or two for my fingers and toes!

This week has been way too fun for Sister Mason and I! It started out with Blair telling us she wanted to be sealed to her member boyfriend when he comes back from his mission! I promptly invited her to be baptized and SHE SAID YES!! I was beyond excited! The only hang up is she wants to wait for her boyfriend to get back... in 2 years. It’s never easy, is it? He leaves on Wednesday, but baby steps, right? There are only a few things I'm good at being patient at and one of them is Blair. She already asked me to be there for her when she goes through the temple and when she is sealed. I gave her my word! SHE IS MY PERSON! She told me while we were teaching her the Plan of Salvation that she thinks her and I were best friends in the premortal life. I concur Blair! I LOVE BLAIR! She is my human! We went to a Mediterranean restaurant with them and I swear I ate the whole pig! It was a good last hoorah with Nathan before he leaves. Sister Mason, Blair, and I already have an ice cream and cry fest date planned for Wednesday when Nathan leaves. Send up a prayer for Nathan and Blair too!

GLORIA CAME TO THE BOOK OF MORMON CLASS AND WE ARE GOING TO MEET WITH HER ON THURSDAY! I am so pumped! We were laughing so hard at the Book of Mormon class she snorted, so Sister Mason is winning her over! I love YSA work for this reason. These are my literal best friends. Ugh! I LOVE IT!

Tabitha is making a comeback too! We are going to get breakfast with her on Tuesday. I swear millennials and their Kodak food moments, but hey, I'm here for it if I get to bear my testimony about the restored Gospel right!

Crowning moment of the week was when KOURTNEY GOT BAPTIZED! Kourtney is a 10 year old girl I taught in the Tates Creek ward. She was so glowing and happy! I am blessed and privileged to be able to have been a part of her journey to Christ. She then bore a powerful testimony at the missionary devotional Sunday night. She said all her dreams came true to have been baptized! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! She is so pure and so happy!

We also had zone conference this week. Our transfer focus is on the power Book of Mormon, so we have set goals to hand out 400 copies of the Book of Mormon as a zone in 1 month. We are so, so, stinking excited! Every copy is precious and a seed. I love the Book of Mormon so much and there is a protection found within its pages. A protection for you and for your family. I encourage you to find and experience the protection of the Book of Mormon. It is real and it is powerful!

I love each of you with my whole heart!
Love, Sister Ludwig


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