December 16, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Spackman

The One Where She Has Literally No Words

Okay people. I don’t even know what happened this week. I am kind of in a daze still. About five minutes ago Sister Spackman and I had to call the police. There is this psycho lady running around completely naked in our parking lot beating up cars with a tennis racket...and it’s pouring rain. So yeah, that just happened. I have no words.

This week we also witnessed a dog fight between two very large dogs in the middle of our lesson. Everyone was too distraught so Sister Spack and I slowly put our scriptures away, cleaned up the blood like good missionaries, and slipped out the door. It was so sad and super awkward for us. Again…no words.

On top of that, there was the usual drama of a typical YSA ward. Boys, girls, etc., etc. No words.

Also this week, a lot of other things happened, but my mind is so affixed on what just took place a couple minutes ago in the parking lot. I am having a hard time concentrating and I am pretty sure I am scarred for life.

Okay. So, we had stake conference this weekend for the Lexington Stake. The stake president told us about a dream he had. He was in a train station in Japan. Some of his kids were with him and he was trying to catch a train somewhere. He didn’t know where he was going. He had four pieces of luggage behind him and one little suitcase in front of him. He was so focused on this little suitcase that he missed the train. A porter came and grabbed his four big luggage pieces assuming he was on the train. Then he woke up. He said "there is much to learn from the parable of the train station." He asked are we focused on the destination, and the things that make getting there easier, or are we zeroed in on the smaller things? He goes on to compare the four big luggage pieces to prayer, Book of Mormon study, temple attendance, and Sabbath day observance. IT WAS AWESOME! He got really into Sabbath Day worship. He quoted the new question in the temple recommend interview (question 8). It talks about Sabbath day worship and if we keep it holy. It was awesome! Did I say that before? Maybe I am finding my words again!

I invite you to reevaluate your Sabbath worship. How do you show your love to your Father and Savior? How do you reverence them on their day? How do you reverence them every day?

Sis Ludwig


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