November 11, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Spackman

The One Where She Screamed "WAIT!"

Hello my best humans! What an amazing week! Not for the reasons you're thinking either!

On Tuesday we had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) in Louisville! It is where all the Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders in the mission get together and council how we can be the leaders God needs us to be. I was so humbled and moved. I miss being around President all the time. He just has so much love in his heart for us and for Kentucky. He is the very best! We received some really amazing messages and trainings, and I was just soaking it all up. One training class was on the power of prayer. As a missionary I have never prayed so much in all my life. We sang together a Child's Prayer and I basically just cried the whole time in classic Sister Ludwig fashion. It was sooo powerful! Prayer is an alignment of our will with Heavenly Father's will. We secure blessings He already wants to give us, and we invoke the power of Heaven to work miracles in the hearts of our people. I've really learned this week how to make my prayers a conversation with my Father. I LOVED IT! After the meeting we were all planning to take a picture by the mission sign. Sister Spackman had to pee so bad, so we went to the bathroom. We got out and realized everyone was taking the picture! I knew Momma Ludwig would be so sad if I didn’t get in the picture and send it in a future email lol, so I sprinted out the building and screamed, "WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! WE WANT TO BE IN IT!!" Everyone was laughing so, so, so hard. And I embarrassed the crap out of Spack Daddy. It was perfect. But hey, we made it in the picture!

This week Sister Spackman was so, so, so sick. The majority of the week she slept through and I had so much time to ponder and reflect and reorganize our apartment lol. While on this prayer kick, I prayed out loud while Spack Daddy was asleep. I just poured my heart. I told my Heavenly Father how we don’t go into people’s lives expecting them to drop us or back away. We don’t go out and bike our hearts out for rejection. I don’t wake up every morning to get my heart broken. But lately that's how I have felt. After praying, I started reading the Book of Mormon and I'm at my favorite part. Abish. SHE IS MY WOMAN! I realized something this go around that I didn’t notice before. Abish goes out and brings people, like the whole kingdom, to see the miracles God was currently performing! They all come and start fighting. Abish, obviously did not want that outcome! She even cried! I felt that so, so hard core. I was like, I AM ABISH! Abish touched the queen and the queen bears a powerful testimony. I am waiting for my queen moment. I know it will come. I can make it happen. I KNOW God hears and answers our prayers individually! He heard mine so He will hear yours!

I love you all so incredibly much. Keep going! You're doing better than you think you are!

Sister Ludwig


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