November 4, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Spackman

The One Where The Door Closes, But The Windows Remain Open

Well folks, this week was rough on mine and Sister Spack’s heart. I have known since the beginning of my mission, that God is in the process of molding me. It takes a few tugs, pulls, pushes, and squeezes, but I have never felt His love for me so strongly in all my life. He is carrying me through this and making me the disciple he needs me to be. Grateful to Him always!

David has moved out of our boundaries and into Bluegrass area with Kelsey. He is still on track for getting baptized in a couple weeks, but we will be passing him off to the Bluegrass Sisters. As much as it broke our hearts to let him go, I trust and know that Bluegrass will take good care of him. We told him that we will be at his baptism and that he will always be part of our lives. He told us he was scared to move over because he didn’t know if he was going to like the new sisters or not. He expressed his nervousness to relapsing, because we weren't going to be there. With tears in our eyes, I testified boldly that it was never us that was helping him overcome his addictions, it was always Christ. My love for David will never change. He is the very best! Please pray for him to stay on the Covenant path!

Our guy Luke has decided that he doesn’t want to meet any longer. He says he is in a good place, and is thankful for us helping him. This broke our hearts even more! Ugh so shattered! We told him that we would always be here for him and that he is always welcome at any time. Even though we won’t continue to knock on his door, we still remain knocking on his heart in our prayers.

Jacob is having a hard time because his main friend that has brought him to the gospel is going up to BYUI in a bit. He is frantic and not really sure what he believes anymore. We are meeting with him Tuesday to hopefully talk him down and show our love for him. Please pray that Jacob will remember all the good and positivity he has experienced as he has been living and studying the gospel!

Tabitha came to church! She has asked us to give her some time for now so she can make sense of her life. But she still attends institute and church! We will also continue knocking on her heart!

Caleb is still doing good! Schedules didn’t align, so we weren’t able to meet with him, but he is still doing good and in contact with a lot of members!

Just when all our doors seem to be closing, we looked behind us and the window was open!

We started teaching this kid named Jordan! We put him on date for the 23rd of this month! He came to church and LOVED IT! He has a hard time remembering, but he loves the way he feels at church.

Then we got a referral from the Georgetown Elders! We will be meeting with her this Friday afternoon…so road trip! Georgetown is like an hour north of us, but somehow still in our area haha! We are so, so pumped!

Do not despair when what you feel is a great opportunity doesn’t work out. It is only because greater opportunity is just around the corner! Keep the faith. God is the same, therefore He will always remain in your life even though you may not feel Him.

Luke 9:24- Lose your life, so that you may find it. My Grandpa Steed reminds me of this scripture. He always told me to Remember Who I Am. He was so good at telling me to lose myself in Jesus so I could find me. Then after all is said and done to remember me. Happy Birthday Grandpa!! I think of you often!

Also, as I have been pondering this scripture, I remember that a good friend of mine shared this with me just a few short minutes before I was set apart as a missionary. I will always be grateful to him for his advice to me it has really carried me through the good times and the hard times as well.

Thank you so much for all the love and support I feel from yall everyday! The prayers of the righteous have been felt for sure!!

Love Sister Ludwig!


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