October 7, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Spackman

The One Where We Are The Biggest Loser

Woah yall! Talk about brass tacks…the absolute essentials. As a Church, we are beginning to shed off all the fluff and fat and begin to strengthen the core and muscles of this Church! Just like the Biggest Loser! I don’t know about yall, but I didn’t take enough vitamins or tighten my seat belt enough for this last general conference! I am grateful for a living prophet. I KNOW God loves us enough to keep giving us more of His word. This is a LIVING gospel led by a LIVING Christ! So take some deep breaths and try and keep up with our Beloved Prophet, President Nelson.

Quick update on the people:

Luke came to the first Saturday session of conference! I was freaking out! EVERY talk was something he needed to hear, and I was just praying that he was catching it! He really loved it! He loves this gospel so much that he got a new job too. This new job is a 9-5er with weekends off. Now he can come to church every week!

Tabitha is still so, so sick. Pray for her quick recovery!

Jacob KEPT HIS COMMITMENTS! He watched the Book of Mormon videos and loved them! He is so the best!

We finally got to start teaching a guy named Jaxon! He is the boyfriend of a member, and has had on and off contact with the church his whole life basically. He really likes church and enjoys the activities. He just doesn’t know if Christ truly exists. That is what we have been focusing on for him, and helping him foster a relationship with Christ through the Book of Mormon!

Our Golden referral, Josh is AWESOME! He is almost finished with the Book of Mormon and likes it, but doesn’t know if it is true. We pray that he will have real intent and plans to act on His answer when he receives it!! Pray for Josh!

This week was amazing and Conference was the cherry on top! I would love to share some of my favorite quotes and talks and share my testimony of the Restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ.

1. It is not our success, but our sacrifices that matter to the Lord. E. Vinson
2. Joy is the gift to the Saints that have faithfully endured the Cross. E. Christoffersen
3. Cast your old ways into the waterfall. E. Renlund
4. Consistently and resiliently happy. E. Budge
6. I am a daughter of Heavenly Parents. Sis. Cordon
7. She molds living clay into her Hope's in partnership with God. E. Eyeing
8. When we covenant all we are, we BECOME more than we are. E. Gong
9. What adventure could be greater than this? E. Uchtdorf
10. Can you mend me, O Carpenter of Nazareth? E. González.
11.Greater Happiness comes from greater Holiness. E. Eyeing
12. Live each day so you can know that you will hold your sweethearts hand now and in eternity. E. Ballard
13.Read the Book of Mormon everyday, everyday, everyday! E. Johnson
14. Carry your cross to the end. E. Soares
15. Holy people enter His holy home. President Nelson

What a truly amazing blessing it is to have men and women acting under God's priesthood authority. I know that His church has been restored. I know that Russell M Nelson is the prophet today. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! I know that Jesus is the Christ. That he lives and loves to the END. How grateful I am that there is no end. I know that part of gods plan of happiness includes some sadness maybe even misery or depression. BUT please do not forget that it is a plan of HAPPINESS. Misery, sadness, depression will not be enduring in God's eternal presence. There are some crosses in life that we will have to bear until our life now transitions into the next. Don’t lose hope! Christ is a lot closer than you think. He is not just walking beside you. He is carrying you. I say this in His beautiful name, Jesus Christ, amen.

Love Sister Ludwig!


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