September 23, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Spackman

The One With The Banana

Hello my Earth Angels! I first just want to thank my Father in Heaven for the infinite love He has for me and for you! And then for letting me feel just a fraction of that for His children in Kentucky! So, so blessed beyond measure!

This week we had zone conference on daddy's birthday! He is the best in the world 😘. The purpose of zone conference is to get us pumped up for the work and to set our hair on fire, and I'll tell you what! It totally did! Our transfer focus is "The Redeeming, Enabling, and Restoring Power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ." I have experienced each of these qualities of the Atonement as a missionary. I have been redeemed from mistakes time and time again. I have been granted Grace in order to do this work every day. I know that one day I will be restored to my Father in Heaven. I once was with Him and I know someday I will return, and it is all because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ! Side note: my right eye was also restored to its good original form!! So blessed! Mom, I am good to drive again! Poor Sister Spack was so stressed driving in the "big city". She was always like Trenton, Idaho doesn’t even have a stop lights! What is this madness?? She’s a cutie. Love her! But speaking of Sista Spack! At zone conference, she broke a banana in half on her head! It was so cool! They were trying to get me to do it and I didn’t follow through all the way... I had a goose egg on my head and my banana only broke half way. It was a good laugh! But I have a cool picture of Sister Spack doing it and me being in absolute awe! Haha! It’s pretty funny!

After zone conference, I called dad and it was the best. He’s my favorite yall! After I hung up the phone with dad, i had an overwhelming feeling to go see Jennifer. If yall remember, Jennifer is a lady I taught in my first area. She is the person I was meant to find. 18 months would be worth it if I had only met her. She is my woman. Best friend. I knew her before this life, and she will share a duplex with me in the Celestial Kingdom. We have already decided that. She only lives a couple blocks away from my current apartment. We went over there and we hugged for like 20 minutes, I swear. And we just balled our eyes out! I could not even believe the love…the love Christ has for Jen. It was a beautiful moment. We went back the next day to share a message and catch up. She even came to church on Sunday! It was so amazing! I don’t know if she will want the lessons again, but she is interested in family history! So baby steps! Pray for Jen!

The week just got better and better! We taught my guy Luke the plan of salvation, and he just ate it up! He keeps saying how he just wants more and more and how he loves it so much! He came to church too! He loved it so much too! He felt so much peace and happiness! Luke is so awesome! Pray for him to keep the faith!

Our girl Tabitha was so sick this last week and couldn’t meet, but she is excited for this week and so are we! We asked her last week to pray about a date to be baptized! Hopefully, she did and we will have her on date this week! I am itching to start getting people in the font. I just want that for these people, ya know!

Also, another miracle! A lady that my trainer and I found, Rosemary, was baptized on Saturday! We got to go too! I have a picture with her. She was the happiest I have ever seen her! It was finally time for her! Don’t ever hold back your testimony! You never know what fruit will come of it later on!

We really focused on our family ward this week, and in our family ward, we are teaching a few part member families and a lady named Chevy. We have only been able to see these people briefly, so I don’t have a ton of info. But Chevy came to church! She loved it too! We are seeing her this week. Pray for her!

We went to Tates Creek ward yesterday, and the Swahili people are the best people. A little girl came up to me and told me that I looked like a Princess and that I was so beautiful. I got right down to my knees and told her that I was not as beautiful as she was. She was wearing a traditional African dress and head wrap. She was quite literally the most beautiful person I have ever met. She asked me where my prince was and we all had a good laugh. The Swahili group got up in Sacrament and sang How Great Thou Art in Swahili and I just balled my eyes out. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard! The Spirit was just radiating from their faces! I felt so much one-ness in Christ! Truly this is the gathering of Israel!

Yall. I don’t think we realize how truly great this work is! We are so blessed to have what we have! Don’t be afraid to share. You never know who you will bless!

Whatever your circumstance is. However crazy you feel or however far you think you have traveled. Whatever it may be, do not forget how much you are loved. You have not been forsaken. Heavenly father is aware of you and your trials and your success. His love is infinite and unconditional. AND SO IS MINE! I love yall so much!

Sister Ludwig


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