September 2, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Spackman

The One With A Car!

YES FOLKS - YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. We are getting a car! God is soooooooo good yall!

This week was nothing but miracles! I just couldn’t believe all the things that were happening before my eyes! God is real!

Miracle #1! WE FOUND A NEW PERSON! She was a former that the elders before us were teaching. She asked them to stop teaching her, because her relationship with her family was starting to get rocky. She still came to church and to institute (she’s dating a member). Sister Spack (my new shortened nick name for her) and I were told to just wait and be patient with her. But we just kept feeling like we needed to invite her again to take the lessons now. So we just did a casual lunch at Cane's! So good food and just friendly talk. We went into this lunch with the mindset of just establishing a relationship. We were talking and I felt prompted to ask her about her experience with the church and past missionaries. She told us about the riff it was causing between her and her mom. But that her mom sat her down like a week ago and told her that if she wanted to convert, that she could. She started getting emotional saying how it was hard to know that something (the gospel) was right for her and turning away from it and then finally getting the support she wanted! Then I guess a couple days after that, we called her to ask her to lunch! She said she knew it was Heavenly Father giving her a second chance! Basically, she just wants the gospel so much and is so ready to receive it! I love her so much! Please Keep Tabitha and her family in your prayers. Keep hearts soft!

Miracle #2 Elder Holland. I won’t fib to yall. Opening this area has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Coming home exhausted every day with what feels like nothing. YSA aged people are awkward mean and want to make things awkward. And I'm just like c'mon man just love Jesus okay? Things don’t need to be awkward or mean. I was reading a talk from Elder Holland with Sister Spack and it is called, "The Lord will do wonders among you tomorrow." He talks about fearing tomorrow or the future for whatever reason. I realized that sometimes when I go to sleep I just don’t want the next day to come, because I know it will be 7-8 hours of street contacting on campus. Or it will be biking 27.5 miles (that was our total travel miles on Saturday). I realized that I had fear for tomorrow, and what Elder Holland talks about is not fearing, because miracles occur every day. And you know what yall? They flippin’ did! He said, "Please remember tomorrow, and all the days after that, that the Lord blesses those who want to improve, who accept the need for commandments and try to keep them, who cherish Christ like virtues and strive to the best of their ability to acquire them."

Remember this tomorrow when you go to work, when you go to school, when someone wrongs you, when you feel that you aren’t getting answers, and when you feel that you have been forsaken. Remember the Savior, and the path He walked for you. It is YOUR walls that are continually before Him. Never forget that.

Miracle #3 YSA members! Okay yall, so at the start of my week my bike light fell off and into the road and I watch like 58 cars run over it and just obliterate it. Like completely destroyed. It was honestly really funny. I watch the whole thing, and so did Sister Spack. We were like well that sucks. We were at dinner with a some members and we told this story, because missionary humor. When we got home that night there was a bike light AND A DOPE SPOKE LIGHT at our door from the members. Basically cried because that is so nice! The next day we didn’t have a dinner, so we were just trying to figure out what we were going to do for food when we get a text from our elders quorum president asking "do yall have super tonight?" His mom came and picked us up and we went to the Fryman family dinner! It literally felt like it was fast Sunday at my house with all my Ludwig people where it is so loud and just roaring with laughter! Momma Fryman reminds me of my mom too, so seriously a miracle and a half! Also our members have been reading the Book of Mormon with our investigators. Like does it get any better than this? And God said yes it does!

Miracle #4 Saturday was like the best day ever! It was transfer call day and so we werent expecting anything right? We still get a call from Pres and you know what he says? "Sisters, we have a car for you!" Best words I've heard all week. It was amazing! Also Saturday was the home opener against Toledo! We won! Then we got a package from Sister Spacks mom! In it were matching pjs and the nicest card I have ever gotten! It was literally so cute! So nice. Then later that night we get a package from our Zone Leaders! They sent me RC cola and Sister Spack some chocolate! With a really nice scripture on it about how our trials are for our benefit. I literally could not contain the tears as I sipped my RC that night!

Miracle #5 Fasting. Sister Spack and I decided we were going to fast for some things together. Specific prayers receive specific answers. I know that is true. Fasting truly brings you closer to the whisperings of the spirit. As we broke our fast, we knew exactly what we needed to do this week in order for us to have more miracles and more success. I would encourage each of you to fast for things you need in your life, and then LISTEN. Listen to what God has to say about it. Sometimes it is no. Sometimes it is yes. And other times it is not yet. He loves you enough to ask you to wait. I know that!

Yall! I can’t thank you enough for the love I feel. I feel each of your prayers carry me and my bike every day. I know that this work is true. I know it is real. I know the Savior lives. He lives for us! Keep your head high. There are blessings in store for you. Just hold on a little longer. They come. I love you guys!

Sister Ludwig


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