July 22, 2019


Louisville, Kentucky


Sister Matheson

The One With The Baby

OKAY YALL! Transfer news came in and Sister M and I are staying in the YSA! BUT GUESS WHAT! IT GETS BETTER! I honestly wish there was something more than all caps... WE ARE TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY! She is also waiting for a visa, so we could train her for all 12 weeks or as short as 2 days. Nonetheless, we get to have her! I am going to be a mom again! We have already rearranged our apartment for her arrival tomorrow.

The work out here is great! I love me my YSAs! I'll love it more this transfer when school is back! I am so excited for that! Our family area is hopping! We are teaching 2 people. One is named Angela. We had a really tender Plan of Salvation lesson, and she asked us if she was ever going to see her kids again. We felt the Holy Ghost prompt us to tell her that of course she would see her kids if she was faithful to Jesus Christ. I love the feelings that come from the Spirit. I love being a missionary!

This last week in my studies I have been contemplating my mission a lot (*read this next part in whispered tones…) “seeing that I am halfway through the best year and a half of my life." In the Book of Mormon I am in Alma 26, and I think it is verse 14 that is quoted often. It says something like "I cannot say the smallest which I feel". This is an amazing line. It describes most of how I feel about this mission because it is so awesome! But a few lines later, Ammon says, "Who can glory too much in the Lord?..." and it was that line that hit me like a ton of bricks. I found that the Spirit speaks to me in mainly 3 ways. 1. Tears (and this happens a lot) 2. Chills and 3. The purest excitement I have ever felt. I remember only feeling that excitement twice before this mission. Now that I'm out here, I swear I feel that way all the time!! It makes me want to dance and sing and jump around and do some more little danceies!! I want to stand up on a table, a soap box, or a stage somewhere and just tell everyone how much happiness I feel. I love my life. This is how I want to live the second half of my mission…figuring out different ways to glory in my Lord. I invite yall to do the same!

Love Sista Wiggy

P.S. Gotta give a shout out and big thanks to my Grandma! She sent me every Skin So Soft product ever made to rescue my legs from being tortured by the mosquitoes, chiggers, and other creepy crawlies! Summertime in Kentucky is no joke yall!


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