July 15, 2019


Louisville, Kentucky


Sister Matheson

The One With The Best Good Night Text


I've never laughed more, smiled more, worked harder, or thanked God more than in this moment! I am so thankful that I am blessed with this opportunity that I have to truly see everyone as Christ sees them. It is so special. I am beyond blessed! I have the best life! I wish you all could just do it with me! You would never not want to be a missionary! That's how I feel everyday putting Christ's name over my heart. It's the best accessory. Like, I think I like my nametag more than shoes... if you really know me, that is saying something!

OKAY. SO LET ME TELL YOU. First, I need y’all to close your eyes and imagine me telling this story standing on a coffee table while you sit on the couch. That is how I feel about this story!

A little bit ago, Sister M and I were biking trying to find formers (members that are no longer attending church), and we met a dude named ZACH! He was really interested in what we were saying so we set up a return appointment. We went to the return appointment with an awesome recent convert, and we knocked on the door. But there was no answer. Knock again... no answer. So we call him on the phone and he comes to the door and was like sorry I was listening to music! We start our lesson and we asked if he got a chance to read the Book of Mormon Intro Page. I fully expected him to say no but instead he was like yeah, and I didn’t understand it the first time. He went on to explain that he read it 3 more times! LIKE SCRAPE MY JAW OFF THE FLOOR. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I wanted to be David and leap and dance before the Lord. IT WAS THE BEST! Then we taught him the Restoration and he had alllll the questions Joseph Smith had. Basically he is hooked on The Book! I love Zach. THEN HE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY! He wore a festive button up and khakis and dress shoes. He totally dressed up for Jesus! He must know Elder Holland and Sunday best!

IT WAS THE BEST SACRAMENT MEETING OF ALL TIME. Our recent convert, Adam, got up there and talked on testimony of the Book of Mormon. HE KILLED IT. I loved it! Then we had our stake president get up there and teach us how we can come to know for ourselves! By the way, our stake president is Elder Bednar's son... so ya…killed it. Zach was just so incredibly happy, and he loved church. He texted us before we went to bed about how he really felt so much love and acceptance and that he really felt the Spirit of God. He told us how he is so excited to learn more and to just keep coming! I am so stoked for Zach! Say a little prayer for him!!

Also this week I learned SO MUCH! I was reading yesterday about my girl Abish. I just want to be like her, ya know?! I thought it was interesting to hear about her reaction to the Spirit versus everyone else. While everyone was caused to sleep, she was awoken! She took it upon herself to just run. And run hard and fast. I thought maybe it was because she already was converted, but Ammon was there and he was sleeping too. So it couldn’t be that, right? Maybe…just maybe…God had a plan for her. A plan to cry repentance. A plan to bring people to Christ. A plan to be a missionary who was commissioned to find, teach, and baptize. I still don’t have a firm answer, but I hope you all ponder this week about why you're awake. What is God calling you to do?
Food for thought ;)

I LOVE THIS GOSPEL SO MUCHAAA! God is my joy. He is light. I love him. This is Jesus Christ’s church. He stands at the head and He loves us. He is calling to us. He is beckoning to us. Listen and heed His voice! Love y’all!

Sista Ludwig


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