June 3, 2019


Louisville, Kentucky


Sister Reynolds

The One Where God is SO Good

Hello my favorites!

The weeks just ZIP by here! It’s crazy! I can’t believe Monday is already here again! I can feel your prayers and support. Thank you sooo much. They truly make a difference in my life and in the lives of those I have the opportunity to teach!

This week’s highlight was for sure that Zhong passed the sacrament. And he bore the most amazing testimony! He is getting his PhD in robotics, and he talked about how in physics and in math to prove that something is true there needs to be an ample amount of data. And certain kind of data. He said that is how he knows God is true and real. He said that there is a certain feeling in his heart - a certain kind of data. Data and feelings he cannot deny. It was really beautiful. I loved it!

I also just love being a missionary in Kentucky. Everyone is always so kind and generous! I love the people. I love my Savior. I KNOW HE LIVES! I KNOW HE LOVES! I KNOW He is the Son of God, that He has a perfect body just like His Father's. I know they are separate but one in purpose. I know that The Spirit carries the message of the Restoration unto the hearts of men, and men must choose to accept that message. Heavenly Father loves us so much that we get to be guardians of our own hearts. He lets us choose. For salvations sake please choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong! It makes alllll the difference!

I love you all sooooooo flippin’ much. It’s crazy! So, so, so much love!

Sista Ludwig


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