May 20, 2019


Louisville, Kentucky


Sister Reynolds

The One With Elder Stanfill

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again! I HAVE THE BEST LIFE! I am obsessed with being a missionary. SO MUCH HAPPENED!

On Thursday we got to go to institute with some returning members! We talked about Jesus Christs roll in the Old Testament. We talked about Moses and the burning bush. So, just for clarification, the bush wasn’t actually on fire! The bush acted as a veil while Moses communicated with Jehovah. We discussed what the title "I AM" means. I loved how the teacher explained it. He said that the phrase "I am" begins a sentence like "I am happy", "I am Sister Ludwig", "I am hungry". Etc., etc. Now - fill in the blank and that is what Christ is! He is everything. He is past, present, and future. He is always there. He just simply is. He is "I AM"! I love it! It testifies of presence. He will always be the Savior, and He will always love you. I know this to be true. Jesus is the Jehovah of the Old and the Messiah of the New! I know he loves and saves!

Then on Friday, we had mission tour with Elder Stanfill! He is the Area Authority here. He was AMAZING! He just had sooo many pieces of good advice. My favorite thing was after the tour, all the leadership of the mission had a special meeting with Elder Stanfill. He told us about this talk from Elder Robbins. He talked about taking 100% responsibility and stop blaming others or other circumstances when things maybe start to go south. It was a serious motivator. I’m actually going to attach it to this email and invite everyone who reads my email to read this talk. It has so many ways for us to actually be happy AND responsible! This makes it so that the Lord can count on you to get 'er done! Will you all do that for me? Thanks! Please email me what you think! I’d love to hear!

Then at stake conference Elder Johnson, the other area 70 that came, said something soooo good! He said to study the Book of Mormon every day, Every Day, EVERY DAY! I loved this because we should study it every day! Emphasized by 3! It is that important! Then he said partake of the sacrament every week, Every Week, EVERY WEEK! It is that important!!

Our people are doing so good! Our friend Andrew is progressing so well! He loves the Book of Mormon! And our friend Adam is on date for June 30th! He loves church soooo much! We are meeting with a new friend Vicki this week! We called her and she said, “I was just thinking about you guys! Will you come teach me this week?” That was super cool! Then one of our members named Michai, texted us and asked if we would come teach her family. Michai is deaf and a convert of 4 years. She told her family that God made her deaf, so that she could find the gospel and then share it with her family. She is amazing! So we will be picking up on a little ASL. My favorite thing is to tell people they’re beautiful in sign…mainly because that’s all I know . But I just love complementing people too haha!
With Nessa and Ionin, we started teaching them English! We got children’s books from the library and we do a little book club thing now. We will read the book and then ask comprehension questions. This is my bread and butter! I LOVE BEING A TEACHER GUYS! Shout out to my beautiful Aunt Mandy and my precious Gwin family for helping me discover what I truly love in this life. I couldn’t be more happy with not only teaching the gospel but helping those further their education so they have opportunities to be successful on earth!

Yall. I could not be happier. I love my mission. Every day is new and fun and exciting. Every day the Spirit testifies to my heart that Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon, President Nelson is Gods prophet, and The Book of Mormon is so true its ridiculous. I love it so much. Couldn’t live the rest of my life without it. Forever grateful for my knowledge of this restored truth. UGH I LOVE MY LIIIFEE!

Stay true to this gospel. It’s the thing that will save you in the end. I promise!

Love Sista Ludwig!

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