May 6, 2019


Louisville, Kentucky


Sister Reynolds

The One Where She Got Down And Derby

Okay you guys! Louisville is a flipping dream! So many things happened this week and I will tell them all. It won’t be in order, but hopefully I get everything in haha!

First, I get to my apartment with cutie Sister Reynolds and there is a snake on my porch just waiting for us! I about lost it and came apart. I thought for sure I wasn’t going to make it in this town. It was huge you guys! Then I had a dream that night that I was a boss and killed the snake and skinned it. Yeah - only Sister Ludwig would do that in a dream. But maybe if the snake comes back I’ll be an actual boss and kill it lol!

Then we had an amazing lesson with a girl named Kayla! She is literally so prepared! We invited her to be baptized at the end of the month, and she accepted! Sooooo amazing!

We also had a couple of lessons with some recent converts! Zhong and Nessa! They are soooo cute! Zhong is from China and Nessa is from Chuuke, an island near Guam. With Nessa we read the Book of Mormon in Chuukese! So maybe I’ll learn another language after all!

Then we had the derby! I guess some people are really sad because the horse that won kind of cheated and the second place horse had like the lowest odds. So people who bet 2 dollars on a crap horse ended up walking away with like 50 grand. Soooo many angry Kentuckians. Its actually pretty funny. We also went to a YSA derby party and that was great to meet more people.

The people are incredible here in Louisville! I feel like I’m right at home in Las Vegas! Its honestly the best ever! I love my life you guys! I wish you all were here to experience the laughs, the cries, the heartbreak, and the purest of joy! The happiness you feel serving the Lord full time just doesn’t compare to anything i have ever experienced ever! So, if you’re wondering if you want to go on a mission, don’t ask me! My opinion is 100 percent biased! Just serve a mission okay?

This work is so true. If it wasn’t, it would have failed a long time ago! I wish you all the best week and also... Happy Mother’s Day momma and to future mommas! I think all moms qualify for sainthood! But especially mine. Did you know that momma Ludwig loves me so much that she talks to me every Monday?! Such a trooper! You know the love is real!
Till next week yall!

Love youuuuu!
Sista sista Ludwig


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