April 22, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Carlton

The One Where It's Not About The Bunny - It's About The Lamb


This week was a little slower, but that is okay! It was so much fun! I have a couple funny tracting stories for you all.

So, we were talking to this lady and she really didn’t want to talk to us. So much so, she closed her cat between the door and the storm door! I have never heard a cat scream like that! It was so funny!

Then a couple doors down the man at the door opened it and he said "Oh. No. Y’all are the Jesus people…hard pass." I thought that was pretty funny. Missionaries orrrr Jesus People.

I love the message of Easter. This week's Come Follow Me has been such a learning experience for Sister Ludwig!

Each day we studied the last week of the Savior's life. There were a few things that stood out. In our Sunday School lesson, the teacher split it up by 7 things. Specifically the 7 things the Savior said while He was on the Cross. So many thoughts were said and so much Spirit was felt!

I won’t list them all, but there were 2 that really stood out to me. One thing Christ said was "I thirst." We discussed that it shows how human he is and how he truly did feel all things including dehydration. One of the ladies in the class related it back to His suffering in the Garden. There, He begged to let his cup pass, but if He had to drink it He would. She said maybe it was Christ saying to his Father, "I am already tired and broken. I have been through almost all of it. I can drink from the cup a little longer. I can complete Your will." I got really choked up when she explained it. Truly a beautiful insight.

The second thing that really stood out to me was when Christ told the others being crucified that they will rest in paradise together. Our teacher said "if there was a stereotype for a bad person, wouldn’t it be a person who gets sentenced to death for their actions or sins? Yet here is Christ, promising him Paradise." The one he promised paradise recognized that he did wrong, but that Christ was innocent. The class discussed that blessed be the merciful, because they shall receive mercy. Christ was giving mercy to the one malefactor that gave Him mercy. It was really interesting. I really love my Savior.

Let us take this celebration of life and new beginnings to the rest of the World. Let us stand on Mount Zion and bear witness that Christ no longer rests in a tomb, but is alive. So many people here in Kentucky love Jesus and try their best to follow him, but they think that there will be no Resurrection…that it seems too farfetched. Little do they know that God can do all things, and that we can do all things through the Atonement of Christ the Lord.

Do not let the temporary happiness of the world deceive you for a season. The lasting peace and joy can only be found in Christ Jesus. He lives!

I have a testimony of the Savior. He is the literal Son of God. He, out of love, suffered for me. He died for me. He lives for me. He loves me. He descended below all for a soul so rebellious and proud as mine. That will be a debt I can never repay or truly understand in this life. 18 months is the least I can do for Him. This is my testimony in His sacred name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sister Ludwig

PS. Stoked my mom loves me and sent me the cutest Easter dress! My favorite part was wearing my red bag with it. Basically i looked like the best fourth of July/Easter Sister missionary out there! 'Merica! Thanks momma! I love it!


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