April 8, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Carlton

The One Where The Church Was Restored

HOLY HEFFER BATMAN! DID YALL WATCH THAT CONFERENCE?! It is totally okay if you got a 2x4 of spirit upside your head…I know I did! Welcome to the club!

I want to bear my testimony that the words we heard this week were nothing short of a shower of heavenly blessings! So much inspiration and..... MISSIONARY WERK WERK! I loved how many times a mission, preach my gospel, or even our sister missionary force was mentioned! My heart beamed knowing that serving a mission was 100 percent a part of my plan of happiness. I am so grateful for a God who NEVER gave up on me, even when I doubted His call for me.

I also want to bear my testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ has been Restored through a Prophet of God. His name was Joseph Smith, and although painfully imperfect as we all are, he too held strong to the faith and the vision that EVERYONE black or white, bond or free, dead or beyond the veil can receive all that the Father hath! I pray every day to have the faith that Brother Joseph had. I thank my Heavenly Father for him, because Joseph could have easily given up. He had his agency. But he stuck to his guns, pulled up his boot straps, and kept fighting for a greater cause. What a privilege it was to watch and hear words from our prophets on April 6th 2019 and remember and pay tribute to our early church history so many years later.

Well, what can I say? Lexington is a blessed land. I just love it here with my whole heart and being! We said goodbye to March and cold weather and welcomed April with lots of thunderstorms! I knew it was going to be green here in Kentucky, but I didn’t realize how green it actually gets! Haha! I wish for each one of you all to experience a Kentucky spring rain. I swear it is straight out of a romance novel. It is unreal!

So, down to the good stuff. We had a district council on Wednesday and we talked about getting to know people prior to introducing the gospel. I groaned a little, because I have always felt that I am here to teach the Book of Mormon and cry repentance. If you don’t want either of those things, that’s cool. I respect your agency, but I’m going to go somewhere else. I also knew that our district leader was training on that for a reason, so Sister Carlton and I gave it a shot. We would ask questions and compliment their lawn and things like that then introduce the gospel. I was sorely called to repentance after I saw just how much it helped people open up! It was AWESOME! I have a testimony that our leaders receive guidance on how to help us most grow! Listen to them. Shed the pride people. It brings about miracles!

Some fun things that happen on the daily consist of intermittent rain dumps, dogs tackling me (its always me... never Sister Carlton), and little boys answering the door and yelling "mom! Some weird ladies are at the door!". Yes - all these things happen on a day to day basis. This week a little boy, maybe 10, answered the door and said "I think it would be a little awkward if we discussed religion seeing that I am of another faith. What do you think?" So I said, "Are your parents’ home?" And he replied, "I believe they would have the same opinion as I." So we left him with a pass along card and we bid farewell. Sister Carlton and I just laughed so hard. He was talking like he was the star of Pride and Prejudice. I legit have so much love in my heart for these people! They keep me on my toes for sure!

Can you all just somehow teleport to Lexington and be missionaries with me? You guys would seriously love it out here and love the work! I don’t ever not want to be a missionary! I wish to just wear my tag 25/8. Legit all the time! I also wish you all could be here this weekend! AJ IS GETTING BAPTIZED! I am so excited for it, and I cannot wait to see him enter the waters of baptism. He will just change the world. He truly changed mine!

I love you all! You’re theeeee best people I don’t deserve! Stay true to who you are and let the Atonement of Christ change your very nature!

Love Sista Wiggy
1. General conference with Benny and Ozzy. My little loves!
2. This picture of Christ just spoke to me so I hope you enjoy it!


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