March 25, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Carlton

The One In March Madness

Okay. Where are all my ballers at? I love me a good ball game. But I’ll be honest. No - I don’t know a whole lot about basketball or baseball. But I LOVE the feeling of watching just any kind of ball game. Especially with my Grandpa! He'll sit there and explain to me all the things I need to know. I just love him.

I cannot wait though til this march madness is over, so that missionary madness can begin! Knocking doors in a college town in March? Forget about it!

This week has been so good! There are just miracles everywhere you go! The biggest one as of late is the weather! Warm weather just makes me the happiest little sister missionary in all the land! When the sun is shining, Sister Ludwig is thriving! I even bike faster! There is something about the sun people! To my friends and family in the West, thank your father in heaven every day for the sun you get!

My mission president likes to compare missionary work with an escalator. Not everyone we teach is at the same level, and we strive to get new people on that escalator every day. We help them with a progression that is sometimes slow, but allows them to rise up to the person God wants them to be! He also adds that sometimes our people jump off the escalator due to the influence of the adversary, but it is our job to help them and give them the tools to get back on. This past week all our people decided to hop off. So this upcoming week we plan to get them all back on!

Jennifer: my whole heart swells when I think of Jennifer. She has been through the works. Especially when it comes to trusting others. Jennifer lives with her boyfriend. So we knew eventually we would have to teach her the law of chastity. We did this week, and it broke my heart to see her break down. She told me "Sister - I’ve already been to war. Now you’re telling me I have to go back." So I just cried with her. I explained that sometimes the Lord asks us to do the unimaginable, so He can prove to us His power and mercy. We encouraged her to pray about it, and we left with my heart hung low. That night in my prayers I asked God why he couldn’t make an exception or why that lesson couldn’t have gone better. The spirit whispered to me so softly saying "I want Jennifer to be happy too. This is how she can be. Do you trust me Sister Ludwig with Jennifer's happiness?" I told Him of course I did. I don’t trust anyone else more. He then told me "okay. Show me." So I dried my eyes, and set up another lesson with Jennifer for this upcoming week. Who am I to ruin God's plan right?

Gracie: my little Gracie! She is just so mature for her age. She told us that she has been having a hard time. She knows that it is the adversary and she feels so bad every time she lets him win. I testified to her that all her worries and sadness will go away if she just reads the Book of Mormon. Remember when we were all little and our moms told us, "Hey. Eat that. Its good." And we wouldn’t eat it because it looked funny? That’s how I’d describe her situation. "Hey. Hey you. Read this book. It WILL change your life. So many promised blessings. Free of charge. All you gotta do is READ the book!" Oh how blessed we are to have our agency. Am I right?

AJ: He is doing good! Now AJ is on the autism spectrum. I have a soft spot in my heart for God's special needs children. They truly are the pure in heart and will see God. However, you get any group of boys together and its going to be rowdy and noisy. This makes it hard for AJ to be at mutual and second hour of church. I hope and pray God will give him the capacity to just be a kid and have fun. This week we plan to have some of the young men in our lesson with him so he can start seeing familiar faces he can rely on. Pray that AJ will have good experiences this week!

You guys. I. Love. The. Lords. Mission! I have never felt so blessed and honored to wear Christ's name everywhere I go. Even on days where your legs are going to give out or you fall asleep standing up, there are miracles to be had. No hand can stop the work, because it is true. If this work wasn't true, it would have failed so long ago.

Something that I read in personal study this morning is 3 Nephi 13:22. It reads "The light of the body is in the eye; if, therefore, thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." How many times a day do you look in someone’s eyes? In conversation, in passing, in photos. That’s where you can see their light. It's really Christ's light, but it radiates through their whole body doesn't it? I have the privilege of seeing that light in everyone I meet. Sometimes its dim, and sometimes its hidden behind walls, but it is there. I hope you all strive to have this light in your eyes and that it is becoming single to the glory of God. People can see it, and they will want to know where you get it! Then you have the beautiful honor of bearing your testimony of the Savior and the Book of Mormon.

Keep on lovin' on! Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever!

Love Sister Ludwig


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