March 18, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Carlton

The One With The Sunset

Hello my faithful Brothers and Sisters! (Running out of intros so sorry if they get awkwardly long!)

This week has been CRAZY! So many fun things and miracles everywhere!

So Monday was District P day, and I just have this competitive nature about me. I also really love sports but I am so not good at basketball. BUT I DID DRAIN A 3! That was the highlight.

Tuesday we had New Missionary Training!! They separated the New Missionaries and the trainers and we talked with President Hughes and his wife about how to become better trainers and what our worries were. It was basically an hour of me bragging about HOW AMAZING SISTER CARLTON IS! It was so fun. I love being Sister Carlton's trainer. She works so hard and loves her Savior! President Hughes always tells us to give it over to Christ, because He can train her better than we ever can! I love that! I love feeling so close to my Savior constantly. It truly amazes me how close I feel like I am to Him. He is so close to each of us, but when we are living the gospel, we recognize how close he is!

Wednesday we had district council, and we set goals as a district. And we also had Elder Crockett's funeral. He goes home tomorrow, and I guess it is a missionary tradition where you have like a burial ceremony. I don't know. It was funny, but whack. I'll send pictures for you all to chuckle at!

Then on Thursday we had exchanges! I got to be with Sister Baker for the night and we just went ham on trying to find! I felt prompted to go to a certain apartment complex, and to try formers and tract a little. We tried a few doors to no avail, but we then felt prompted to knock this one door, and it was a lady who had formerly been associated with the church, and she explained that she had a bad experience with The Church. We apologized and she quickly closed the door. Then Sister Baker turned to me and said she was why you felt prompted to come here. Heavenly Father wanted her to exercise her agency. He wants her to choose Him. I thought on that for a long time. Missionaries will continue to feel prompted to knock on her door, because Heavenly Father will give His children numberless opportunities to choose Him. He even gives that choice to us as members. When we feel that the Heavens are closed and we are not receiving the blessings or answers we need, it is because He wants us to choose. I can imagine Him pacing, because He so badly wants us to choose Him. He knows the joy it can bring. He knows how it will make this life not only endurable, but enjoyable!

Friday we exchanged back and I got Sister Carlton back! It's a drive to exchanges so we didn't have much time to work, but we did have a yummy dinner with Brother and Sister Hale! I love them, and they remind me of my cute family!

Saturday we got to clean the church for our Sunday worship. I LOVE CLEANING THE CHURCH. It is such a great way for me to mentally prepare to renew my promises that I have made to my Savior. I wish I could describe the Spirit I feel when I clean the church. It is unreal! It truly sets the tone for the meeting and my heart. I know that not only do the people I teach walk through those halls, but so does God's Spirit. And there is literally nothing more that I want than to have my friends that we are teaching to feel God's love for them. A house of purity right? ;)

Sunday we had church and that evening we had a missionary devotional! Jennifer came to the devotional and I think it was really good for her. She feels like she is giving up things. Such as coffee and smoking, but the whole atmosphere of the meeting was that it is ALL WORTH IT. Oh how that resonated with my soul. Everything we do in this gospel is worth it. Because this is eternity we are talking about. Its worlds without number. Its endless joy. It is life with our Father in Heaven. I cannot think of something better than that. Not even all the hot pockets in Kentucky!

This week I have been studying humility. God truly has laid out my weaknesses for me to see. Although, it is hard to see just how weak I actually am, He did that because He loves me and knows that I can be better. If I just rely on Christ, he will make up for what I lack. Humility is not a lack of confidence. It is directed confidence toward our Savior. Trust him. Leave it all up to him. I promise he can take better care of it than you can!

With all the love in my heart,
Sister Ludwig


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