February 13, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Carlton

The One Where She Embarrassed Herself

Hello my PEOPLE! I feel so loved knowing that more than just my mom reads my emails! I think you all will get a KICK out of this one. Hopefully I haven’t embarrassed the Ludwig name tooo bad....

So Elder Gong came to our mission! Sister Carlton and I were a minute late, so we set our stuff down and went to go get a drink and use the bathroom before it started. We walked to the bathroom, and guess who is standing in front of the bathroom. You guessed it, ELDER GONG AND ELDER VINCENT! The air physically got thicker as I approached an apostle of the Lord. I walked passed and smiled. I waited for Sister Carlton to get a drink, and in being star struck, I forgot that I needed to use the bathroom! Elder Gong stretched his hand out for me to shake it, so I took it and he said to me "Sister Ludwig, you can use the bathroom." I said "Oh yeah! That’s why I came out here!" AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD REMINDED ME TO PEE! It gets worse too. I was hot with embarrassment. I walked into the bathroom thinking I was safe. Some very lovely ladies in there were talking about how their hair was all poufy and things. So I cracked a joke and said "oh yeah girl, and with the humidity, forget about it!" They all chuckled and I laughed too. I do not know why my blond brain didn’t put two and two together, but those lovely ladies, WERE THE WIVES OF ELDER GONG AND ELDER VINCENT! I was washing my hands with some of the most powerful women this world has to offer, and all I could say was that?! THEN we did a little reception line and introduced ourselves for real, and Elder Gong said to me "oh yes, sister Ludwig, we met in the hall." I wanted to put my head through a wall. Then I got to Elder Vincent's wife, and I said "I’ll be honest, I didn’t know I was in the bathroom with such prestigious women." Trying to do some damage control. And she said to me in her cute Australian accent, "I know right! You never know who you’ll meet in the bathroom!" That comment sealed my casket. Stick a fork in me I am done. I officially wanted to hide under a mountain. So next time you think you’ve done something embarrassing, remember Sister Ludwig, and you'll feel a lot better.

Their message was powerful! Elder Vincent talked about focus. He compared it to a magnifying glass, and how you use it to make the focus of the sun more powerful to burn your sisters legs in the hot outback of Australia! It was cute, but the message pricked my heart. If I focus on the Savior, my love for him will grow and I will be a more effective missionary. If I focus on the world or other distractions my homesickness will magnify and I won’t be effective. How neat! Then Elder Gong did a whole speech on 2 Nephi 31. He talked about bringing others to Christ. I’ll be honest, what he said was so deep, that I can’t really explain it simply. I just know that he is truly called of God, and has a love for his Savior like I have never before experienced. I love him and know that he is truly a representative of Jesus Christ.

Holy moly what a week! Transfers happened and I picked up Sister Carlton straight out of the MTC! She has such a fire for the gospel, and has a desire to genuinely help others! She is such a trooper! Her first day it was pouring rain. It was awesome. I was having a time! Going through puddles and sticking my tongue out. I just love water! Sister Carlton was laughing at me. I am glad she could find joy even when we were dripping wet!

We had such good lessons this week! Eric and Melissa are still on date for March 16th! And they are having the coolest experiences living the Word of Wisdom! Eric only drinks a cup of coffee every other day, and Melissa has stopped drinking tea! They told us that they went outside to smoke, and they both felt so uneasy about it that they just decided not to! I could not believe what I was hearing! I was sooooo happy! My heart swelled!

Gracie wants to be baptized so bad and she came to church and loved it! We are just waiting on the go ahead from her dad, and we will have that girl in the font in no time at all! She just loves her Savior so much. It glows and it is contagious!

We didn’t get to see Jennifer this week, but we will be meeting with her on Friday! Pray that she keeps her appointment!
We had a phone lesson with Jonathan, and we read the Book of Mormon together! The Book of Mormon brings the Spirit in any capacity! It was awesome! We invited him to attend church this Sunday! Fingers crossed!

AJ is our newest! He is the son of a new member of our ward. He is 15, and it’s a long story, but he wants to be baptized! We have had 2 lessons with him thus far. He is progressing so well and is excited to be baptized! We will be setting a date with him very soon!

Sister Carlton and I felt prompted to do lots of less active work this week. We had lessons with several less active members, and a lot of them came to church on Sunday! All of them texted us and said that they each had had wonderful experiences this week! I was sooo happy! As missionaries, we bring ALL unto Christ, and it was so amazing to watch Heavenly Father's children draw closer to Him. I am literally obsessed with this work! This is truly the best thing I have ever done. Thank you all for supporting me and helping me fulfill my dreams! I thank my Father in Heaven for each one of you every night!

Something that I learned in personal study this week: I was studying in Matthew Chapter 8, and one of the disciples asks Christ if he can bury his Father before following him. Christ tells him no. He says "let the dead bury their dead" Doesn’t that catch ya off guard! Like what? I can’t even bury my dead father? No we can't! It is required of us to put the Savior first in ALL things. Christ is the Resurrection. He is the Life. When we follow him we are alive! Even when we have passed on from this mortal experience, we have the knowledge of being reunited with our loved ones, so put Christ in front. He will gladly go before you. Want to know a secret? He already has!

I love you all! I know you are doing incredibly amazing things! In the Spirit of Valentines, I wrote you all a poem!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The Savior has won,
And so can you!

Live what you believe, and the rest will follow!
Sister Ludwig


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