February 4, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Barnes

The One with the Phone Call

So I am sitting in a dairy queen eating a celebratory blizzard of my graduation from training! Sister Barnes has been the best momma! I am sad that she is leaving me... speaking of which.... TRANSFER CALLS CAME! And guess who is staying in Bluegrass!? You guessed it! Sister Ludwig is staying on the bike! Then the news just kept getting better. Sister Barnes is going to Bardstown to be a Sister Training Leader! So she will go on exchange with the sisters out there. Then the news got even bigger! President then asked me if I would be willing to train a new missionary! I about lost it. I’ll be honest. I have never felt so many emotions: scared, terrified, happy, humbled, honored, excited, nervous. You name it, I was feeling it. So I don’t know who my new companion is until tomorrow! Ugh! I am so scared! This is the definition of the blind leading the blind.

I am going to organize this email by people we are teaching, because so much happened and it all feels like it happened on the same day, so I hope this format will be easier to understand the MIRACLES!

JENNIFER: My dreamer! We taught her the Plan of Salvation. It wasn’t as powerful as I wanted it to be. She kept saying "this makes sense" which is great and lead to a return appointment, but we want the people that we teach to feel it in their minds and their hearts. As Sister Barnes and I were evaluating the lesson, we realized that we taught but rarely testified. I was kicking myself in the pants. I got so caught up in teaching the doctrine that I neglected what carries our message to the hearts of those who listen. Never again. When you share what you believe and know to be true, do not forget to tell them how you know it is true! Testify! It makes a world of difference!

MELISSA AND ERIC: Our miracle family. We also taught them the Plan of Salvation. This was after we resolved to testify more during lessons. It went so good! We had a member (Sister Woolford) present in this lesson, and that was vital! Members in lessons are the best! They are the users of the product, and can really relate to those who are looking to use it! The Spirit was so strong as I had the privilege to ask them to be baptized on March 16th. They accepted! Melissa is so excited, and even though Eric is a man of few words, I caught him crying a little. That made me of course cry. Wow. I wish you all could have been there to feel how thick the Spirit was in that room. A mission is truly an opportunity of a life time!

JONATHAN: Our referral! We had a lesson with him, and we taught the Restoration. HE LOVED THE BOOK OF MORMON. He was like "why haven’t I had this before?" He was just eating it up with a spoon! Sister Barnes was so bold and invited him to be baptized! He said yes! Hopefully he will come to church soon.... that’s important lol.

GRACIE: Our 12 year old. She came to Young Women’s again! She loves it! Then we had a lesson with her. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. She was crying, and said "this just feels so familiar." I cried as the Spirit testified to her that its familiar because she knew this plan in the life prior to this. We also extended a baptismal invite to Gracie. Her mom says yes, but we need to receive permission from dad in order to set a date. Please pray to soften her dads heart, so Gracie can get baptized soon! Her mom (inactive convert. She is going to start coming back to church with Gracie:)) texted us and said that after our lesson Gracie read the first 12 chapters of the Book of Mormon! SAY WHAT?! YOURE KIDDING! Sister Barnes and I just cried at how this gospel really does change lives! I know that to be true, and I have seen too much evidence of that to deny it! In myself and in others.

SANDI: Our funny lady. She told us she quit smoking and that she has been reading the Book of Mormon every day. Then she tried to get Sister Barnes to agree to a betrothal to her son. Please pray that we can discern Sandi's true intentions.... lol. It was a funny lesson. Five sure.

Okay. This week has been incredible. It started off a little rough (-3 wind chill) and ended on the highest of notes (62 and sunny)! The Lord has ways of not only blessing others, but of blessing his missionaries along the way.
Something I learned in District Council. President Baxter gave a little training. He talked about trains, and my little Ludwig heart swelled knowing that my family just loves trains! He told us some stats on why the railroad industry is not as successful as it once was. It went from shipping 90% of the worlds freight to shipping only 18% of the worlds freight in a 100 year period. He then asked why? He said it was because they thought they were in the railroad business and not the shipping business. He said that fact mentality derailed them ;) Then he asked what business are you in? Not just the finding, teaching, or even baptizing business. But that we are in the eternal life business. He said "if your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Broaden your perspective missionaries!" I would say that same thing for all members of the church. Broaden your perspective! Oh how great and marvelous is the Master's plan! Get out there and be a part of it! Only room for light! Keep going yall!

With love from Kentucky
Sister Ludwig


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