January 21, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Barnes

The One with Milestones

Hello my favorite humans!

This week was intense. Missionary work is a rollercoaster! Then throw in some snow, and you have one very confused looking Sister Ludwig. But lucky for me, I have an incredible father who sent me a good coat and gloves, so that I can work with 100 percent of my God given mortal body!
Also not a lot of time to write today, because Sister Barnes and I biked all the way out to the Target, and WE GOT PANTS! Biiiiiigggyyy blessing!

Monday: Did some prepping for the week.

Tuesday: We had zone conference and woah! I love having zone conference. I learn so much! Then after zone conference, we had exchanges! I went to Danville (Dan-vul) with Sister Jackson... pics to follow! She taught me to "work like it's all up to me, and pray like it's all up to God." That put a new perspective to how I work! Just gotta give it my all!

Wednesday: We exchanged back and I returned to Sister Barnes and the bluegrass area. I love my area so much and never want to leave it! Sister Barnes and I got back to our apartment late so we ate pizza rolls and Kodiak Cakes. It was a solid supper!

Thursday: We received a sad text from a girl we use to teach saying that she didn’t want to learn anymore. I was so sad because she was so promising. Sister Barnes and I shed a few tears and became determined to find new people to teach. I was leading biking, and I saw this lady. So I stopped and started to contact her. She looked at me and said "you look like you’re 12. Does your mom know where you’re at?" As a bike missionary, I have stopped wearing makeup because it takes too much time to do and it just ends up raining anyway. So I told her that I was 19, and that my mom knew where I was and what I was doing. It was a good laugh for Sister Barnes.... not so much for Sister Ludwig. Haha. Later this night we had just a BOMB lesson with our 12 year old Gracie. She is so excited about the Book of Mormon. Its awesome guys!

Friday: This day we did lots of tracting and to no avail, but we did have a funny experience! One of the houses we knocked, was a man. He said in hushed tones "I have a baby sleeping right here. Come back another time." Behind him two little twin boys came running over while he was talking. We whispered back "okay have a nice day" and one of the little boys said "by mommy!" The dad goes "that aunt your mom!" It was awesome. If I am not being called Sister Ludwig, I want to be called mom. It’s the best title out there.

Saturday: It just dumped buckets of water. People would open the doors, and say "I’m going to pray that you girls get some sense and get out of the rain." Little do they know that missionaries take full advantage of weekends, and plus we are protected. We are fine lol. We were trying to find a member, and we knocked the door. A man answered and said that his daughter was the member, but didn’t live there anymore. So we tried to leave, but he just started yelling at us about how we believe in a lie, and that we brain washed his daughter. That there wasn’t any prophets. Blah blah blah. I just started to walk away, and Sister Barnes yelled "we hope you have a great evening!" It really affected me that people can just be so insensitive. Then Sister Barnes said to me "blessed are those who are persecuted for my names sake." Not even 5 seconds later were we blessed! Melissa called us and she said "I need you sisters over here now, because Eric and I want to get baptized, and we need help to know how!" Sister Barnes and I were just jumping for joy! I have never biked so hard! We will be setting a date with them hopefully Tuesday! Keep them in your prayers!

Sunday: Church was cancelled, and president called us and told us to stay inside. So we called people and cleaned up our area book! Good times.

Well I love you all, and I hope your week goes sooooo goodie!
Love Sister Ludwig


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