January 7, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Barnes

The One With All The Miracles!

Hello My Peeps!
Happy New Year! This week has been nothing short of a miracle! From extending baptismal invites to sticking a landing on my feet after crashing my bike. Miracles abound!

Monday: so after emailing you all, Sister Barnes and I got on our bikes to go to dinner. It was sprinkling a little, but about half way to our dinner appointment, it was rain like I have NEVER before experienced in my life! The streets were literal rivers, and we couldn't see the sidewalk. Then the wind came. This is where Sister Ludwig just started screaming. I’m screaming, and I can hear Sister Barnes screaming. We got to a stop and just started laughing. We showed up to our dinner, and they had prepped their house for us. They had towels on the ground ready for us. The mom had a new outfit for us to wear while she put ours in the dryer. I'll tell you what. It was an experience. But nonetheless a tender mercy, because it felt like I was back in the water swimming laps!

Tuesday: Do not. I repeat. Do not tract in Lexington when UK is playing. ESPECIALLY when they are playing in a bowl. UK was playing in the Citrus bowl, and we would knock doors, and people would say "Don't you know what’s happening right now? Why are you out evangelizing??" Even 75 year old grandmas with 4 cats and 7 dogs... UK is a lifestyle here. So Sister Barnes and I went to a nearby Save A Lot to go to the restroom..... and so that I can listen to the last 2 minutes of the game.... we won in case you didn’t know ;) Also. I have this theory that if I bike into something hard enough, I’ll just go over it right? So far it has worked. I just need to nail the angle at which I bike into things. I was moving up onto the sidewalk, and I did not angle my front tire right.... at all. I hit the sidewalk and my bike stopped and I went over the handlebars, BUT I STUCK THE LANDING LIKE A NINJA! Right on my feet. I turned around and Sister Barnes was speechless, so was I and the car that drove by. Miracles people. Miracles

Wednesday: It was bitter sweet. We had our last lesson with Kitty, and she returned back to China. I witnessed as the Lord had prepared Kitty specifically for Sister Barnes. Everything that Kitty has been through or felt, Sister Barnes has been through or felt. We bore our testimonies of Christ to her, and we sobbed as we said goodbye. We hope to continue to teach Kitty over skype, but we aren’t sure how that will pan out. Keep her in your prayers! We then had a lesson with Damontay. He's the one where we had a Rapunzel moment. I think I mentioned that in my last email. Anyways. He loves learning about our message, and wants to keep meeting with us! We hope he will attend church soon! Then we had district council, and President and Sister Hughes taught us! He asked us "How many baptisms do you want on your mission?" He asked me first and I told him that I would be more than thrilled to just have 1. Then we all shared the number we hope to reach. We then read a story in Alma how they baptized thousands. President slammed his hand on the table so loud and screamed "HOW MANY?!" We in reply screamed "THOUSANDS!" Then he went on to say, "Who is to say that your mission started when you were set apart? Or who is to say that your mission ends when you go home after 18 or 24 months? Your mission is your lives! You will baptize thousands!" So much hope filled my being. I was stoked to just get back out and work more. After the council, we went and taught a 12 year old girl named Gracie. SHE IS SO PREPARED! She loves to learn about God and Jesus Christ. I asked her if she would progress toward baptism, and she said she wants to badly! She loves the Book of Mormon too! She wants to attend Young Women’s as well! I can't wait to see her progression! Then, hands down, the biggest miracle of the week. Erin (we stopped teaching her and her husband a little ways back because they were in a tough family situation) texted us out of the blue and asked us to come back on Thursday to teach her and Jason!!! I was like.... you’re kidding..... that just does not happen... EVER! Of course we agreed!

Thursday: We had a lesson with Erin and Jason. They just want it so bad in their lives. Satan just has such a strong hold on them. To the most prepared people, Satan sends the biggest trials... I swear. Nonetheless, we had an incredible lesson on The Atonement, which left everyone in tears. We invited them to be baptized, AND THEY SAID YES! I couldn’t believe it! We stressed how important it would be to meet with us regularly, and to come to church. We set up a church tour with them for Saturday.

Friday: We did weekly planning which sucks up most of the day, but we set gooooood plans to find new prepared people and to help those we are teaching work towards baptism! I learned something so incredible this day in my personal study. I was reading a talk that President Nelson gave about the Atonement. He said "Think of the wonder of the power to heal! If you could create anything that could repair itself, you would have created life in perpetuity. For example, if you could create a chair that could repair its own broken leg, there would be no limit to the life of that chair. Many of you walk on legs that were once broken and do so because of your remarkable gift of healing." He goes on to say that we age, and that’s how our life ends, but what a statement am I right?! Could you imagine the healing that is in Christ's wings? If we can, on our own, heal broken bones, could you imagine what Christ can do to your broken spirits? Pretty amazing!

Saturday: I swear. Everyone is available either Saturday or Wednesday. We started off with having a lesson with Cathy (Sunday Sabbath woman). IT WAS AWESOME! She let us teach her, and she listened! It was so cool! We invited her to church on Sunday! Then we had our church tour with Erin and Jason. They even brought their 3 boys! We started in the chapel and explained the sacrament and testimony meeting. Jason started to cry, because he had a dream that he shared their story of faith and trial over the pulpit the previous night. We were like you can do that on Sunday if you so please! They are just so ready to be a part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It hurts my missionary heart I want it so bad for them! We ended at the baptismal font, where they again expressed their desire to be baptized, and even their littlest boy said he wanted to be baptized! He was so excited! Then we had another lesson with Damontay, and he still wants to know more, so yay! We also had a lesson with Sandi. She also wants to be baptized way bad, but is starting to realize that it takes effort. Please pray that she will be able to overcome addiction. We hope that she will realize how much that will bless her life!

Sunday: WE HAD SOMEONE AT CHURCH TODAY! Unfortunately Satan had given Erin, Jason, Cathy, and Sandi all the flu. But we had a woman named Susan come! She's older, and we aren't sure how much she is comprehending, but she came to church! And we had the most beautiful Testimony meeting. Of course I tried to keep my composure so Susan wouldn't think I was crazy, but what can I say, I’m a Ludwig. And Ludwig's cry. So I tried my best to hide it, but the Spirit was so strong. 2 hour church was awesome too! We got to see other people for a whole 'nother hour! What a blessing!

The Savior knew Salvation of all men would come at a costly price, so of course it isn't going to be easy to gain. It tries my patience every day. However, the ball is rolling. I am in this work for the Eternity game. Not just one 2 hour block, but eternity. I invite all of you to keep working on the Lord's time table. He will help you along. He promised the prophet Joseph Smith, "thine afflictions shall be but a small moment." That same promise goes to you too!

I love you all mucho!
Sista Ludwig


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