December 18, 2018


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Barnes

The One with Elder Costa


What is time? I've never heard of it. It feels like I was just emailing you all the other day. But Holy Angel's, next week is Christmas. Say whaaattt? I hope you've all been lighting the world as Christ has asked you to do!

Monday: I'm currently reading my journal entry from this day, and the majority of it is how Sister Barnes and I did the hardest workout of my life, and then biked 10 miles afterward.... so I guess that's all my brain could focus on. Also, later this night the Corbin Sisters had a sleepover at my apartment! That's Sister Botelho and her trainer! It was so fun to see them! They slept over, because Tuesday we had MISSION TOUR!

Tuesday: MISSION TOUR with Elder Costa and his wifey! Sister Costa focused on using our trials to help make us stronger (Ether 12:27). At the beginning they separated the Elders and Sisters. Sister Costa asked us to go around and share our hardest trial that we have experienced thus far as a missionary. It was incredibly emotional for us to admit our weakest moments, but oh how strong we grew from each other knowing that no one is alone in their trials. Then Elder Costa talked about FIND. TEACH. BAPTIZE! Ever since I've got here I've been one hundred percent focused on getting my brothers and sisters to the baptismal font, or so I thought. Elder Costa made me realize that I could have more passion when it comes to baptism. They did an exercise where they had some elders try to convince them that American football is better than real futbol.. soccer. The elders were getting soooooo into it Haha. But it made me realize that I need more passion when I testify! Just as if I was trying to teach one of my kindergarteners how to read, or try to describe to someone my love of water! It was incredible! At lunch they sat at my table! Most of the missionaries I was sitting with have been out a while. They kept asking me if I knew this elder or this sister. And I was like yo - I just got here. Then when we all met back in the chapel, Elder Costa said over the pulpit, "Don’t ask Sister Ludwig if she knows anybody. She just got here." It gave us all a good laugh Haha!

Wednesday: This morning we had a lesson with Kitty. We taught her the law of the fast because we knew she's in need of some things, like for her husband’s heart to be softened, or for her kids to learn better English. We had to spend some time explaining that fasting isn’t a diet. It’s a spiritual thing. Haha. But she got it! Grateful that the spirit speaks all languages! Then we went and helped a lady move. Her cat just decided that it loved me, so I had to go home and basically burn all my clothes. But it's okay! She really needed the help! Then we went to the young women activity where we visited less active members and widows. It was so amazing! By then end of it, Sister Barnes and I convinced all the young women to serve missions. It was awesome ;)

Thursday: We taught Kitty again and her husband was home! I'm thinking he heard the whole lesson from the back room. She told us that she fasted and has never felt closer to God! She is just so prepared! I'm so sad that she's going back to China in a couple weeks. ;( then we had a lesson with Cathy. She’s the one that says she'd be a Mormon if we observed the Sabbath on Saturday. We emphasized that if she knew the Book of Mormon is true, then she would know that the Sabbath is now Sunday. It's hard to get a word in with this woman, and by the end I just said, "it really doesn't matter what day the Sabbath is as long as we are setting it aside to worship and partake of the sacrament." That caught her off guard, and I'm hoping I didn’t offend her, but if the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet, and therefore he received that revelation from God that we worship on Sunday. We invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and also come to the Ward Christmas Party! Her and her family are coming so yay!

Friday: This day we did weekly planning which takes up most of our day. Then we went and saw some people that we haven't been able to reach and we got two appointments for the following days! Yay! Hoping they don’t fall through! Also, we got news this day from Kitty that her and her two boys want to come to the Christmas party as well! If all goes to plan we will have soooooo many nonmembers there at the party! What they don’t know is that they'll be walking into a church tour as well! Hopefully all goes well. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE WE TEACH!

Saturday: This day we tracted some. We met a man named Richard who had such a neat experience with God. He bought a school and made it into a mission training center for his church, but he was interested in hearing our message! So we had a lesson with him on his front porch. He asked us to really search our religion, and we asked him to really search our religion too haha! We gave him a Book of Mormon and our phone number if he had any questions. Of course he lead off by saying "yall think you're gonna be Gods!" Honestly waaaayyyy tired of hearing that, but it has pushed me to study that topic! If we believe that we are spiritual sons and daughters of God, the idea of being like Him is really not farfetched. Don’t we all have characteristics and mannerisms of our earthly parents? Then if we are created after the image of God and we are His children, then of course we will have characteristics of our Heavenly Parents as well. So much truth to be gathered! It's so fun to testify of our divine nature as human beings! This night we went to a musical production of Handel's Messiah with a returning member of our ward! Hopefully she starts to come back. We will be calling her every Sunday morning to get her to be there!

Sunday: Wow I love the Sacrament! I also love the emphasis our prophet has on it! We had 3 part member families attend! It was so amazing! Sunday meetings are a little weird as a missionary, because I want every lesson to be about missionary work. That's all my brain thinks about ever. However, I learn so much too about all the other gospel things. It's a good testimony strengthening session. Then we were trying to street contact this couple after church, and we asked them where they were going and the man said "to hell because I'm not changing my ways!" That's one of the better responses I've gotten. I thought it was funny. Little does he know that he isn’t going there. Practically no one is! What a beautiful message we have to share am I right?!

I want to share with you all something I have studied about recently. I've been reading in Judges about Gideon being called to save Israel from the Midianites. He decided to lay out a fleece of a lamb and ask God to make it wet and the ground dry. He asked God to do this just to make sure that is really what God wanted him to do. It happens the very next morning. Then because he is human he asks God to make the fleece dry and the ground wet. It happens! Then he was like okay I get you, I'll go save them!

I've given some thought about this. I find it often here that people want their Word of Wisdom fleece or their tithing fleece or their Becoming like God fleece type proof BEFORE their Book of Mormon fleece or their Restoration of Christ Church fleece or even their Jesus IS the Savior fleece proof. Have you laid out your Gospel Doctrine fleeces prior to Gospel principles fleece? Are we too hung up on stabilizing a roof before laying our foundation? If you have, then I invite you to lay out the big fleeces, then the little fleeces will follow. I promise. If you have not laid out a fleece at all, then I invite you to do so. Start with the Book of Mormon fleece. Heavenly Father will answer. I promise! Ask and ye shall receive. It is a promise!

I love all of you. You people are my foundation! Thank you for everything you have done to love me!

Sister Ludwig!


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