December 10, 2018


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Barnes

The one where she white washed

Hello Earthlings!
I really cannot believe another week has gone by! Sister Barnes and I were biking yesterday and there was a sign outside someone's home that said "16 days till Christmas" I was like that cannot be, because I just got here. Time just slips away i swear it! So my subject line. My mission President doesn't like mission slang, so my trainer is my trainer not my mom. It's the Missionary Handbook, not the white bible. And so forth. I knew coming in to this area Sister Barnes and I were getting "double transferred in" so prior to us there were Elders in this area. I learned this week that what Sister Barnes and I have been doing this whole time is white washing this area! If I remember correctly from Jake's experience, that's low key a big deal. AND on top of that Sister Barnes has been training me! I HAVE THE BEST TRAINER IN ALL THE LAND! SHES A SUPER HERO MISSIONARY!

Monday: Ah the blessed P day. Just grocery shopping and cleaning. Mom you'd be so proud. My bathroom is spotless, and my bed is made. I wish you could see it! Also this night we taught a woman named Erin. Her and her husband Jason have been looking into the church for a while, but hard times have struck, and the adversary is strong. We were having a lesson about the strength of the Lord, and it quickly turned into a baptism discussion. Like when do you get baptized, and how do I know when I'm ready. We asked her if she felt if she wanted to get baptized, and she said not yet. She wants to know more. I feel as though Sister Barnes and I are on the edge of something great!

Tuesday: we had district council and lunch. We went to a pupusa place. Soooooo yummy! Of course on the TV they were playing criminal minds, and I exercised great resistance. It was a good time haha! Also this day we had exchanges/splits! Sister Glick stayed with me in my area and Sister Barnes went to a different area. I had to take lead and navigate all around town. And if you know me, you know my poor directional skills. My third companion this day was Google maps. Blessed to have technology! Our meal appointment this night was awesome! A part member couple took us out to a way fancy restaurant. Sister Glick and I were not dressed for such an occasion, but it was awesome! The husband is the member, and the wife isn't. My plan was to go and simply be friends, lead a gospel discussion, get to know her, and invite them to church on the 23rd for the Christmas Sacrament. It could not have gone better! We shared laughs and testimonies, and she is soooooooo excited for the Sacrament on the 23rd! I'm getting puuuuummped for Christmas Sunday meetings, and I hope you all are too! PLEASE start thinking of friends and family you can invite to the Sacrament on the 23rd! It will be life changing for them!

Wednesday: So the morning consisted of finishing the exchange, and I was grateful to learn so much from Sister Glick! She a great STL. :) But it's good to be back with Sister Barnes. I just love that woman! We went and visited one of our members that is in the hospital. She just had some major back surgery. She has helped Sister Barnes and I out soon much! She's one of the many moms we have here in Lexington. This night we also went and visited a returning member couple. Brother and Sister Hale. We went over there and shared the Light the World message. We read from Luke 2 and Sister Hale started to cry. It was very tender and the spirit was very strong. Then Brother Hale started talking about his cars that he has restored. THANK YOU DAD AND JAKE for teaching me some things about cars. I was able to follow along, and relate to him with our little experience of welding Jake's car that one time for the fuel pump. Needless to say, we will be seeing them at church for the Christmas Sacrament! Also they sent us home with so much homemade jam! Not as good as yours mom, but pretty darn close ;)

Thursday: this day we had a lesson with Kitty, and she will also be attending the Christmas Sacrament! Yay! She also said that she still prays and reads every day. So pilas! Then we went and did some service for a lady who is moving in our ward. Dad my tetris powers were unstoppable! Thanks is for teaching me how to pack like a champ! Also had a lesson this day with Monica and Donny. Their grand kids were running around, so it was hard to invite the spirit. Like right as I was bearing my testimony of the Priesthood one of them vomited all over the floor. I was able to keep myself together, and not sympathy vomit like I probably would've if I wasn't a set apart missionary, but yeah we packed up and prayed and got out of there. But they are also coming on the 23rd! Haha

Friday: NEW MISSIONARY TRAINING. It was so awesome! You guys. I'm just so stoked to be a missionary. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for this opportunity. I'm so blessed that my life has been led here. My confidence grew ten fold in this meeting. Like there are people all around waiting for truth they don't even know they need! Sister Barnes and I went to our appointments today with a brand new outlook. When we were biking home, some dude yelled at us from his window driving by "Do y'all want something to draaaank?!" We were like "no, but thanks!" If he wasn't in a car driving by, I would've testified of Living Draaaank that he would never thirst again. But poor dude was in a car driving by, so I hope we will run into him again! What southern hospitality ;)

Saturday: we helped clean a returning members home. She just had twins, and was feeling crazy. Guess what! She invited us back for dinner and a lesson, and she is also coming on the 23rd! We then had weekly planning for the rest of the day

Sunday: okay way great day! It was stake conference. Elder Costa of the seventy and his wife spoke, President Hughes and his wife spoke, and the temple president and his wife spoke! Elder Costa will be speaking to the Louisville mission tomorrow, so we got a sneak peak ;) a fun tradition they do is they recognize all the missionaries serving from the stake and their families. Then they have the full time missionaries serving in the stake stand and be recognized. So way fun! As Sister Barnes and I skirted up on our bikes to the meeting house we ran into President and his wife. Sister Hughes paid us the nicest compliment. She thanked us for being bike sisters and that we looked beautiful! Then when she gave her talk she gave us a shout out! We had a good little laugh. Then President spoke and he also gave us a shout out! Needless to say we had so many people come up to us after the meeting and give us candy and treats. And one lady gave us a crochet scarf and beanie! Wow the Lord takes care of His bike sisters!

This week I finished the Book of Mormon. What a beautiful set of revelation given to us. As I prayed to know if it was true, I felt the deepest love for my Savior. I felt that he has truly blessed me one by one. He blesses all of us one by one! Take that and share it with others this Christmas season as you light your community!

Merry Christmas!
Sista Ludwig

PS people here have the hardest time saying my last name. Its so entertaining! Anyways I love you all


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