December 3, 2018


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Barnes

The One With Her First Zone Conference

Hello my Christmas Member Missionaries! That's right its DECEMBER! That also means #LightTheWorld! Please ask yourselves how you can light the world as Jesus Christ did! Remember to Give as He Gave!

Monday: So last Monday. It was district P day! And our district leader got us in for free at Malibu Jack's! For those in St. George it's like Fiesta Fun. For those in Las Vegas it's like Mini Grand Prix with laser tag and mini golf. The best part is that all the activities, minus the go karts, were approved! So we played a Virtual Reality game with Zombies, and dad you would've been soooooo proud of me! I totally could survive a zombie apocalypse.... easssyyyy. I may or may not have taken first place too.... ;) but that's for me to know.... Also they have a ride and it's a mix between Star Tours and the Buzz Lightyear ride.... IT WAS SO MY JAM! It was werewolf themed. So great! Pics to follow for the mommy ;) There was also a photo booth where me and Sister Barnes went haaammmm! We've got some cute ones!

Tuesday: ZONE CONFERENCE! Sister Botelho and Sister Cannon were there! We were so excited to see each other! I was so grateful that it was zone conference, because it was snowing outside.... it's hard to be motivated and bike in the snow, so FAT tender mercy right there! Holy cow though. This conference lit a fire under my bushel. They asked me to pray, so I prayed and I asked that we would receive inspiration for the people that we teach. The Lord so delivered! One of the biggest things I realize is that I tend to invite and hope. I hope that they'll come to church or I hope that they'll read what I ask them to read. My purpose is to INVITE and HELP. NOT HOPE! I made and set some goals to help me better fulfill my purpose. The other thing I realized is that MEMBERS ARE THE KEYYYYY. Here in the good old bible belt, everyone has "been saved" or have "found Jesus". Which is fantastic really, but there is just SO MUCH MORE. So much more joy, peace, hope, blessings, etc.! Sister Barnes and I are strangers who don't have too much time. But members who have co workers, friends, and family are not strangers and can start planting seeds right now! So Sister Barnes and I are not only missionaries, we are super secret spies. And we have devised a plan to get members to share the gospel more! Listen to this friends.... "We invite you (state the member name) to think of someone in your life who is poor in heart. What gospel principle do they need right now. Will you commit to studying that principle and maybe even memorize a couple scripture verses that go along with that principle? You may end up sharing it, you may not. We find that our studies are more meaningful when we study for others." Tricky am I right? I hope by doing this we will get member referrals soon! I extend that invite to all those members reading this right now! Help the missionaries in your area by doing this! They will love you... trust me!

Wednesday: This day was straight go go go. We had a lesson with Kitty this morning, and she told us that God told her that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet! We were more than thrilled to hear this! She is just so scared to approach her husband about her new found faith. It's very unlike Chinese culture to do this sort of thing I guess. We also found out that her and her family move back to China here pretty soon. I thank everyone who is praying for kitty and her husband. Please continue to do so! I don't know if we will be able to baptize her while she is here in America, but to know that she believes in Jesus Christ, The Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith, that is a convert to me. We've all had to come to a knowledge that these things are true by ourselves. Kitty has done so. I cannot wait to keep teaching her and drop the bomb that she and her family can be together forever! Then we biked over to the Ronald McDonald House where we did some service! We got to organize the playroom. Right up our allies! We had a fun time helping people there! Then we biked over to Tessa (member) and Noah's (non member). Brother McClure joined us, and he just made the lesson so awesome! Tessa is a returning member, so we invited her back to church. She started to cry and Express how badly she wants to come back, especially for her newborn daughter Robin. It was truly sweet. Noah said he doesn't believe in God, but I don't believe Noah. Haha. I think with good fellowshipping he will come around. They keep inviting us back to have lessons, so I'll take that and literally sprint with it. They wont be able to catch sister Barnes and I to cancel. I promise Haha! This night we had dinner at the Crump's house. Brother Crump made chocolate lava cake, and I about died. It was amazing. I'll get the recipe and make it for everyone when I get back, because every one should experience this cake. To. Die. For.

Thursday: we met with Kitty again this morning. Just so prepared. Can't get over it. It was a beautiful lesson. She loves Jesus Christ so much. Then we did weekly planning which took up the majority of our day. I had the strongest impression that we should go see Janessa. So we went. Its on the far end of our area, so I knew I was going to have to bike up Lansdowne which is the worst, but I knew that it was worth it because I got the impression! While we were biking we ran into Sandi. I keep praying that she want to meet with us more, but i know this type of thing takes time. We asked her how she was, and did the small talk. Said goodbye and off the Janessa! It was around 4:45 ish. We knocked twice and no answer. I felt discouraged, and on top of that she texted us saying that we woke her baby, and didn't want us to come back to her house. So I started to cry. I felt so incredibly bad. I biked back up the big hill very angrily. Angry that I got the impression and angry with the outcome. As i studied i asked Heavenly Father why I got such an impression? If it was to run into Sandi, then why wasnt the impression directed toward Sandi? Why did I have to ruin teaching Janessa and her kids? I was reading in 3rd Nephi chapter 22:7-8. He asks us to be patient so that we may recognize his kindness. So I'll be patient. Maybe ill see why, maybe I wont. But I'll turn this over to God, and keep following thosepromptings , because only good things come from the Spirit. And seeing people is always a good thing. Sister Barnes is such a good companion. I haven't realllllyyy cried since I got to Kentucky. This was the first one. She was good to help me see God's hand in everything. I am blessed with the best!

Friday: again another morning lesson with Kitty being so successful. She prayed that she would have courage to teach her family one day about the Book of Mormon. Like ALL her family. She named every aunt, cousin, parent. It was awesome. The Spirit was incredibly strong! I have seen God work miracles in Kitty. I just hope he works more! Then we tracted loooadddsss. Nothing too promising came out of it, but my favorite is to hear people talk about us when they close the door. "Those poor girls. They're beautiful, and probably still in high school. It's sad that they are forced to do this. If they knock the wrong door, God be with them." I Died laughing. It was so funny. Little do they know I have a year of college under my belt, and I am choosing to be here! Little do they know how much I love this gospel to be choosing this life!

Saturday: National Service day! I hope each one of you served in some kind of capacity. I am grateful for those who served my family this week. I wish I could be there to help and serve them, but i know that I left them in such good hands. I pray and thank all of you who have supported my father and helped him. I love you. Sister Barnes and I tried to find service opportunities, but we settled that our biggest service is to teach people about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! We ran into a woman named Britt. Sister Barnes met her before I was here, and we finally contacted her! She was having a really bad day. We shared a quick message with her and plan to meet with her again. I pray that all is well for Britt. I testified that she can put any burden on Jesus Christ and he is happy to take it. Truly. Also we had a lesson with Rita. She is of a Muslim background. So we established our beliefs about God, Jesus, and Prophets. We testified so boldly that she is a daughter of God, and that she is divine. We were later explaining the Holy Ghost. She said "I felt that! I felt it when you told me that I am a Daughter of God!" We were like YES! You my people, are children of God. Chosen for this day to change the world! You have purpose. You have meaning. You have worth! Let that all multiply in Christ Jesus!

Sunday: oh how I loveSunday. The best part is that Tessa came! And stayed for it all! We were so happy! We knew that fasting would bring miracles and it does! Then it was ththe Christmas devotional! I hope y'all got to watch it! It was beautiful! President Nelson said that He gave us 4 gifts. Love, Forgiveness, repentance, and Life Everlasting. Truly beautiful gifts. I also loved what sister Eubank said that he is Loves pure light and that he loves pure light! Silent night is my favorite Christmas hymn. I cried through that one Haha! So good and reminds me of my family history! Me and great grandma have lots in common!

Merry Christmas you guys. Please share the message that Jesus is the Light of the world. I promise that you will change lives. Stay strong and Godspeed!

Sistaaaa Ludwig <3


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