November 26, 2018


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Barnes

The One with the Knife

Hello to my best humans! I am so blessed to know that I have so much to be thankful for! Each person reading this email is a blessing in my life! Thank you for all you have done for me!

Monday: Last Monday was my first P day, and Sister Barnes and I went to the mall! It felt soooooo familiar and it was decorated all Christmas like. It was great! But that's also very dangerous. I just love shopping so much, ya know? AND outside of every store is like 80 percent off the summer things. AND its always summer in my brain! But amidst the summer day dream is my nametag chilling in the beachy sand, and I am reminded of all the people I love here in the snow tundra of Lexington. So somehow I find the strength to bypass all the summer things, lol. Also, on this night we went to a teaching appointment. Their names are Khaled and Rita! We lost their number so we couldn't confirm, but we decided to go over there anyway! Only Khaled was home, but he got spooked when we knocked on the door at 7:30 at night. He answered the door with a knife and screamed "GET BACK I HAVE A KNIFE!" I could not contain my laughter. I wasn't even scared. Sister Barnes quickly said No! It's the missionaries! I was basically on the floor at this point crying laughing. Then he started laughing. Then all was well in Zion. We rescheduled for another time when Rita would be home. It was a great experience haha!

Tuesday: On Tuesday we taught a woman named Alicia at the laundromat, and she opened up to us about her life story. She just couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that God let's awful things happen in the world. So I whipped out Alma 14, and testified to her that God gave us agency which he cannot control. Also, that some trials happen in our life to turn us to God not away from Him. I was getting all fired up, and Sister Barnes was testifying. It was an incredible experience! Then we went and knocked doors at an apartment complex. We were both impressed to knock this one building. No one answered in the whole building! So we went our way. As I was pondering why the Spirit would lead us to an empty place, sister Barnes spotted this one lady who was trying to hold a child and grocery bags. So we offered help and she accepted! As we were helping her we were explaining who we were and she asked if we would come back to teach her and her son! It was so good! The spirit had us knock that empty place so that we would run into Janessa and her kids! Wow you guys! Miracles!

Wednesday: We biked a ton this day. I've decided that Sister Ludwig bikes, and that my alter ego, Cassidy, does not really bike. But Sister Ludwig bikes for Jesus, and I am stronger when I bike with and for him! We had a lesson with Kitty this morning and I think she needs to get baptized. She just loves this gospel so much! I'm nervous for her because her husband is not supportive of organized religion, but I know God provides a way back for ALL His children. Including Kitty! Please pray for her husband's heart to be softened and for Kitty to have courage to do what is right! We also taught a woman named Candlynn. She is struggling with a death in her family. We placed her answers (the Book of Mormon) in her hands. I pray that she will turn to it, and then the Spirit can testify of eternity to her! This night a man in our ward wanted to take us to Wendy's! First fast food in months! Oh, that frosty tasted soooooo good you guys! Also, while we were there a lady gave us money and said that she wanted us to have it to provide for ourselves. We explained the whole situation, and she said that she still wanted us to have it! It was so kind! So I went and bought another frosty.... I slept so good this night; )

Thursday: THANKSGIVING! I just reflected on all the things I am grateful for. For family and friends who support and love me. For a ward family that feeds me every day. For a companion that encourages me. Most of all I am grateful for my Savior. He sacrificed it all for me. He is the reason I am on this mission. He is hope. He is light. He is my best friend. I am also thankful that God doesn't make things easy. Life, my friends, isn't easy. The adversary tries his best to break us, but because he does that I am able to rely on the Lord. His arm is out for me to grab a hold of when I feel as though I am sinking. My faith is only strengthened in the tough times! The ward provided a Thanksgiving feast at the church! So we went and ate our fill for sure! There was soooooo much pie too. Ugh. It was so good. I was happy knowing that my friends and family were all together, and that they knew I was about my Father's business.

Friday: I got to get back to proselyting ! It was a rougher start. Kitty and Janessa cancelled on us. I was so sad. My heart was a little broken. I thought why. These people seem so prepared. Then the Spirit whispered to me, "Sister Ludwig. It's okay. You're suppose to be somewhere else at 4 o'clock." He for sure proved himself to be right! We knocked 2 doors that just let us in right then and there and we had a lesson. That just doesn't happen people! Then we knocked another door and set up an appointment with them! In all, we found 4 new people to teach between the hours of 3:30 PM and 4:30pm. Yup that's right! I was suppose to be somewhere else at 4!

Saturday: We started this day by having a lesson with a woman named Cathy and her daughter Mary. She has gone through 5 sets of missionaries. Her hang up is what, you ask? That our religion observes the Sabbath on Sunday and not Saturday. She's read the Book of Mormon and everything guys. We invited her to pray about it. Sister Barnes and I hope and pray her heart is softened. It is easier to get people to a font than to church on Sunday I swear it! Then we had district council and interviews with president! He mostly just wanted to make sure I was okay being away from home over the holiday. I was able to express to him that I have never felt more at home than I did on Thanksgiving. It's not that I don't miss you all, because I do. It's the fact that I feel as though I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. I am home when I am with my Savior, Jesus Christ. It was so great! Then I had dinner with the McClure family, and they are so Pilas, Jake! I finally understand, because that family is it! Brother McClure is coming with us to a lesson, and we are having a lesson in their home this week and next. I just am so grateful for their missionary work! God bless them!

Sunday: I had the pleasure of speaking in church this day! I spoke on Gratitude. I centered my thoughts on Jesus Christ, and I connected sacrifice with gratitude. Did Jesus not sacrifice everything? His pride, his heavenly throne, even his life, to show gratitude to his Father. Even to show gratitude to a people who crucified him? I invited the ward to make a sacrifice of Thanksgiving. I extend that same invite to you.Then we had a lesson with a lady named Ruth. She expressed in the lesson that she doesn't want to change and feels that her baptism was done under proper priesthood authority. I was a little saddened walking out of the lesson, but mostly relieved. I asked Sister Barnes why I wasn't more sad and why I felt relief? She said it's because now I can spend my time elsewhere on people who are willing to change and come unto Christ. She is so wise! I am blessed with her!

Well another week gone by. Another reason to smile. And another chance to bring people the restored gospel! I love you all! Thank you for the letters! I treasure them!

Sister Ludwig


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